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Lexie, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lexie
Age: Eight and half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Norwegian Forest Cat mix
Home: Umeå, Sweden
   Lexie was originally my mother's cat when I lived at home. She was twelve weeks old when we bought her, and we thought she was a male. Her original name was Lexus, and she always looked electrified. =) As she got a little older her fur became shorter and when she was six months old we thought that she wouldn't get long fur after all.

    At that point in time she was meant to be an outdoor cat, but little did we know that Lexie had a mind of her own about how her future would look. She was happy enough to run around in the forest on a leash, but when we opened the door for her, intending her to run free, she just sat there on the porch and didn't want to go anywhere without us. Also, she refused to go out whenever there was snow on the ground, or if it was raining or snowing. Even the tiniest bit of wind would make her turn in the doorway and go back in. Lexie quickly made it clear to us that she preferred a life indoors.

    And thus came the day when she was about two years old, when I and my fiance moved in together 200km (125 miles) further to the north. We decided to bring Lexie with us to our apartment, since she had no trouble living the life of an indoor cat. She did hate the car ride there though, to the point where she managed to get loose in the car and actually jumped up on the steering wheel and stood there screaming in horror. Eventually she settled down below the glass behind the back seats. We almost didn't get her out of the car when we finally arrived, because our strong-willed lady had decided that she'd been moved enough that day. Eventually we managed to coax her out of there with some treats.

    She now lives the life of an indoor cat, bringing us joy every day. She's happy to go out on the balcony on clear, calm summer days, but stays inside all winter. Also, our living room looks almost like a cat store these days, with three big climbing trees arranged for her. Her favourite place though, has always been on my desk where she'll curl up beside me whenever I sit using my computer.

    Our lovely lady is now 8.5 years old and still as energetic as ever. When bad weather is coming she'll race around the apartment around and around, and if I don't pay her any attention she'll sneak up on me and bite at my heels to make me jump. Most of the time, she'll just make a sound that I've dubbed "mjoffing", as it is something in between a voff and a mjau. She must have spent her first three months with a dog we believe, as she has certain characteristics of a dog. When I get home from work she'll sit inside the door waiting for me, mjoffing at me when I get inside and then coming forward to greet me, all the while wagging her tail. Then she'll turn her side and hind legs to me, and stand there stomping them while wanting me to scratch her sides and ears. Oh the ears, there's nothing she loves as much as being scratched on the ears, she can stand and buff at me for half an hour in the bathroom every evening just to keep me scratching her ears. If I don't pay enough attention, she'll jump up and lie down in the basin instead, making sure no one can use it until she's satisfied.

    Every year her fur has just kept growing longer and longer, and now she's a walking, deliciously soft furball. She was my first very own cat, and despite the cat allergy that I've developed I'll never ever let anyone else have her. She's my darling and joy and I couldn't stand the thought of anything bad ever happening to her. <3

Lexie, the Cat of the Day
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Lexie, the Cat of the Day
Lexie, the Cat of the Day

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