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Neptune, the Cat of the Day
Name: Neptune
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ragdoll mix
Home: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
   This is Neptune and he came into my life through unusual circumstances. Neptune was six years old when he came here. I had recently adopted a one-year-old gray tabby, Greg, after loosing my seventeen-year-old cat a few months before. Unfortunately Greg was very active, too much so for my older cat and dog's comfort, and I was wondering how to solve this problem.

    When I went to physical therapy my therapist mentioned that she had a wonderful cat that was always hiding under the bed and coming out only at night because he was just overwhelmed by the two standard poodles and two-year-old human toddler in the house. She was very concerned about him. I told her I had a cat that had been fostered in a house with fifteen cats and eight dogs, and was very gentle. We thought we should try a trade, just to see if it would work.

    Neptune loves to play with straws and small toys, but he likes to do it when he thinks no one is looking. He enjoys wrestling with his cat brother several times a day when he's not getting his beauty rest or watching the birds out the window. Getting brushed and being petted he totally enjoys until he's had enough. His favorite thing is getting head scratches and chin rubs. Then he lets out a little noise or a small nip and lets you know he's had enough.

    Neptune is a little bit of a talker, but he's more likely to just stare at you and expect you to figure out what he wants. The most special thing about him is he can tell when something is wrong with his human or animal friends. Last week "his" dog had an episode in the middle of the night and Neptune was right by her side frozen to the spot like a hunting dog would point. He wouldn't let me move him. My dog is fine, by the way, but he also did this when my older cat died a few years ago.

    My favorite thing about Neptune is when he climbs up on my lap, rests his head on the armrest with a sigh and loves getting some nice petting. He really is as sweet as he looks and pretty much the ruler of the house. If I had named him his name would have been Fabio, because he's just too pretty. Neptune has the cutest gurgle when he purrs.

    Long story short, Neptune became an outgoing ruler of my house and Greg (now renamed MacGregor) has become the ruler of his new castle too. Neptune is very affectionate, curious and friendly to new people in the house. What more can I say except trading was a crazy and very successful idea, and we are all glad we did!

Neptune, the Cat of the Day
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Neptune, the Cat of the Day
Neptune, the Cat of the Day

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