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Edward, the Cat of the Day
Name: Edward
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese Blue Point
Home: Westland, Michigan, USA
   Edward was a barn kitten and we almost didn't take him. We did take his sister. But it turned out that no one wanted him, so I took him, too. Since I got him, he wakes me up by licking my nose and head bumping me. And if that doesn't work then he takes his paw and rubs my face.

    Edward is very sweet. Everyone that comes over loves him. Like a classic Siamese, he does talk all the time. I can ask him if he wants treats and he will talk like crazy. Also I can ask him where his treats are and he will go to the kitchen, then to the drawer, where they are kept. I just love him so much.

    As I mentioned before, since I got him, I have not really needed an alarm clock. Goodness, if I don't wake up quick enough, he will use his paw on my cheek until I wake up. I can ask him to give me kisses and he will head bump my face and rub his nose on my cheek. From the kitten no one wanted, he has been the sweetest kitty I have ever had.

Edward, the Cat of the Day

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