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Charlie the Persian, the Cat of the Day
Name: Charlie
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Persian
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
   Charlie is like no other cat anyone has ever seen. Clearly, he has a unique feature in that he cannot keep his tongue inside his mouth. He was not born this way, but slowly over time he became lazy and liked to leave part of his tongue hanging out. Over the years his tongue wore down his bottom teeth, so now there are no teeth to keep his tongue inside. He is very sociable and loves all people and creatures. Never the shy one, Charlie walks up and warmly greets guests, as opposed to hiding and acting skittish like some "normal" cats.

     If he feels that his feet have been on the floor too long, he will politely tap you on the leg when its time for him to be picked up. He lives with two English Bulldogs, and he rules them like the King of the House. He enjoys napping, chasing shoe strings, perching himself on high places, teasing the dogs, grooming, having his hair brushed, chasing ice cubes, looking out of the window for hours, and bird watching. He is known for throwing things off table tops and knocking over water glasses.

     Another unique feature of Charlie is his refusal to "meow." He may think Meowing is beneath him. Purring is his only way of communication. He has let loose with a very high pitched "meow" on a rare occasion and only happens when he is frustrated with a lack of attention. Lack of attention is definitely something that has happened only a few times in his charmed life.

     Charlie is also an experienced bird catcher. He is looking forward to moving to our new house where there will be a pet door to the backyard. This is where he hopes to hone his bird catching skills.

Charlie the Persian, the Cat of the Day

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