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Scooter Bug the Tuxedo Cat
Name: Scooter Bug
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo Cat
Home: Greenback, Tennessee, USA
   Scooter is the son of my kitty Dollar, While he is an outgoing cat, he does have a deep fear of storms. Back in 2011 my house was hit by a tornado that left him traumatized. The tornado shook the house, cracked the wall and broke the windows. After it had passed I heard a cat wailing as if it were in pain, which terrified me that one of my kitties had gotten hurt. I found out it was just Scooter crying because he was SO scared. I had to calm him down and let him know he was safe.

     Aside from his fear of storms you might call Scooter a man's kind of cat. He loves being outdoors, machines and hunting. Every time he finds a tractor or any other machine he must stop to explore it. He's a chit chatty fellow, too. Every time he sees you he will meow and chatter at you while rolling. I love my Scooter Bug.

Scooter Bug the Tuxedo Cat Scooter Bug the Tuxedo Cat Scooter Bug the Tuxedo Cat Scooter Bug the Tuxedo Cat

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