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Ginger the Grey Tabby mix
Name: Ginger
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Grey Tabby mix
Home: Fallbrook, California, USA
   Ginger came to us as one of three babies that either had been abandoned or were feral and something happened to mama. Ginger was the brave little tiny face that poked her head out of the bushes in the parking lot where I worked just enough for me to see her.

     When I investigated, there were three of them. I couldn't catch them for a weeks, so I fed them until I could get close enough to catch them. She and her two brothers came to live with us forever. She's now seventeen years old. Sadly we lost her brother Jasper at eleven, and Jeeves at fourteen.

     She is so beautiful. She sleeps with me almost every night and is daddy's girl for lap time in the evenings. She loves being outside. She's miffed that she has to wait to be supervised outside as we're in coyote country these days and she can't have her freedom to go in and out at will. She is a city cat who doesn't understand that coyotes aren't dogs.

     She raised not only her brothers, but two rescued Great Dane puppies for twelve years. She's an experienced kitty. Not much makes her blink.

Ginger the Grey Tabby mix Ginger the Grey Tabby mix Ginger the Grey Tabby mix Ginger the Grey Tabby mix Ginger the Grey Tabby mix Ginger the Grey Tabby mix

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