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Lilly, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lilly
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Black Cat
Home: Greenback, Tennessee, USA
   This little princess dressed in black was kept a secret by her mother Dollar, a lovely grey and white lady! No one had any idea Dollar had had kittens.

    Then on one muggy summer day in 2005 a huge thunderstorm broke spilling a flood of rain from the sky. Suddenly I noticed a litter of kittens struggling under one of the gushing gutters. Dollar's little ones had wandered under the gutters and were trapped, lost and on the verge of drowning. I rushed out into the storm and saved them. I wrapped Lilly in a towel and dried her off. Ever since she's been my little princess.

    She loves to get gifts of little fuzzy mice toys. When I pass cat treats out to my cats Lilly knows she does't have to beg for them. She just sets with dignity and waits for her treats to be handed to her.

    Lilly is a singer. She likes to climb to the top of her cat tower and sing a happy tune. However when she thinks she's alone she sings a loud mournful tune. Lilly may be black like a Halloween cat but at heart she is an all Christmas kitty. She loves Christmas! She likes to help put the tree up and wrap presents. She is happy to sleep under the Christmas tree between the gifts and does not destroy them. She is a very special kitty!

Lilly, the Cat of the Day
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Lilly, the Cat of the Day
Lilly, the Cat of the Day
Lilly, the Cat of the Day
Lilly, the Cat of the Day
Lilly, the Cat of the Day

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