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Lola the Silver Tabby
Name: Lola
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Silver Tabby
Home: Australia
   Hi, this is Lola, I am not sure of her age as she arrived as a stray at the last house I was living at. We didn't have any other cats at that house, so she made herself at home fairly quickly.

     When I moved from there, she then went to live with my family where Tommy - an orange tabby male, and Lilly - our white female, were already in residence. Tommy thinks he is the boss and he usually is, but Lola also thinks she should be the boss, so they have some funny disagreements at times.

     They also share the house with Milly the dog, who, being a breed that normally works on farms, tries to round up the cats like they are sheep, which is not always a good thing for her, because Tommy chases her.

     Lola spends a fair amount of time asleep on a bed downstairs or hiding out in the garden during the day, where she can watch the world go by. She has come a long way from her life as a stray to the carefree princess she is now!

Lola the Silver Tabby Lola the Silver Tabby Lola the Silver Tabby Lola the Silver Tabby Lola the Silver Tabby Lola the Silver Tabby

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