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Dezső  the Tabby mix
Name: Dezső
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby mix
Home: Kiskunhalas, Hungary
   Dezső is our Mixed breed tabby cat. He was born at our grandma's house, so we knew we had to choose one cat, but rather we got chosen by him. He lives in the house, and never shares any of his feelings, only plays with toys when he thinks we don't see him. That said, though, in case someone is sick, then he comes and sleeps with the person. So he does pay attention to our feelings, while keeping his own hidden from us. His favorite hobby is to hunt down flies, but once he was successful he learned not to hunt for bees anymore. We love him!

Dezső  the Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day
Dezső  the Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day

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