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Molly the Domestic Shorthair/Siamese mix, the Cat of the Day
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Montoya the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Montoya
Age: Eight weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA
   Montoya is very playful; he plays with everything. He likes to run around the house and sleep anywhere that suits him. He likes to walk all over people, literally. He is so cute!

     Montoya is very independent; the only time he seeks attention is when he wants food or wants to play with you - which is not always at a convenient time for you. But when he wants to play, he's pretty irresistible. He doesn't know any tricks yet, but he loves to run around the house. He loves to play with feathers and balls too. He likes to sneak up on people and pounce. I'm still learning things about him because he's still so young!

Montoya the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day

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