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Gordos the Orange Tabby and White Manx
Name: Gordos
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby and White Manx
Home: Topanga, California, USA
   Everything about him is special! Gordos is the sweetest cat, super loving. He is the last of his litter, his three brothers passed away (Runt died as a kitten, Sassy lived until six years old and Tiger, his bud, passed at twelve years old) - he outlived them all. A vet tried to convince us to put all four of them to sleep because of sinus issues as kittens. The best decision we ever made was to ignore the vet - gave them medicine and they never had sinus problems again - they have been such a huge blessing in my life.

     Gordos is "Mr. Independent," a very confident cat, but is also a real cuddler. He sleeps above my head usually with his head resting on mine or snuggled against me. He is just our precious old boy, and we simply adore him.

Gordos the Orange Tabby and White Manx Gordos the Orange Tabby and White Manx Gordos the Orange Tabby and White Manx

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