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Jazz, the Cat of the Day
Name: Jazz
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Cambridgeshire, England
   This is Jasmine Jarvis, Jazz for everyday use! She is three years old, her birthday is the third of September. I have a lot of difficulties, some of which are autism, panic disorder and hallucinations. Jazz helps me with all of these things and I don't know what I would do without her. She is always by my side, purring and licking me. I am not allowed on my own due to the hallucinations and bad things that have happened in the past. If I manage to leave the room without her noticing, she will come and find me and start crying which alerts me and my mum. She will often play with me if I am out of it. She may look so evil and viscous when she plays, but never has her claws out and only taps you with her teeth.

    We are very codependent on each other and very similar in many ways. When we first got her she was never like this. She was still a lovely ray of sunshine, but she didn't turn into the once-in-a-lifetime cat until we were separated for a whole day! She went to get spayed and it was very hard on the both of us. Ever since we have had separation anxiety from each other and to tell the truth, she is my reason for living right now. Words cannot express how special she is!

   I am so proud of my little cat sister!

Jazz, the Cat of the Day
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Jazz, the Cat of the Day
Jazz, the Cat of the Day

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