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 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Dolly
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Short Hair
Home: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
   This is our cat Dolly (a.k.a. Babydoll). We got her and her brother Darwin (see him in a photo with her) from a friend's horse barn ouside St. Louis when they were just 4 months old. Her brother was very friendly, but she was wary of strangers. As a barn kitten, however, she was easily lured with food. She was fine on the long trip home, but freaked out when we let her out of the box into the house. It was her first time inside a house, after all. She literally tried to climb a wall and broke her leg.

     Having a cast on her leg did not slow her down one bit. She healed nicely and got used to being handled a lot, so she left her wild ways behind and became a properly spoiled housecat. She is fairly small, but has a big voice. We figure the broken leg and initially persistent parasites worked against her to stunt her growth a bit.

     Dolly used to snuggle with her brother when they were little, but she matured much faster than he did. So now they just barely tolerate each other. It doesn't help at all that he is a stinker! Her favorite cat is Tarquin, who has always loved and protected her.

     Dolly only goes outside in the warmer months. She loves to roll around on warm deck planks. She likes to lie on the kitty tower in the sunroom when it's not warm enough outside for her. When it's really cold outside, she snuggles with Tarquin to keep warm. At night, she likes to curl up in bed right next to you. But she doesn't just sleep all the time. She loves the Turbo Scratcher cat toy. She's very good at it with those slender little paws of hers. She and another cat, Zoey, have an ongoing competition to see who is the grand master of the house.

     We love our Dolly!

 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair
 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair
 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair
 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair
 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair
 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair
 Dolly the Domestic Short Hair

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