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Bonnibelle the Domestic Longhair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Bonnibelle
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Longhair
Home: Menlo Park, California, USA, USA
   Hello! My name is Bonnibelle and I adopted my Mom when I was three years old. I was living in a shelter and had been returned three times by people because they said I was a "bad" cat. In fact, the shelter named me Bad Amy, Good Amy and even wrote an article about me in the newspaper. I was diagnosed with some strange disease that no one knew about it. Sometimes it made me run around acting crazy and I would bite people. They even had me on phenobarbital to calm me down.

     One day a lady walked in and sat down on the floor and said "Well, aren't you a pretty kitty". I knew I wanted to go home with that lady, so I walked over, got in her lap and put my head under her chin. Soon, I was driving off to my new home. The shelter sent my favorite bed home with me, but I never used it. I had beautiful, couches, antique chairs, beds and tables to sit on!

     In no time at all the I was no longer taking phenobarbital. My name was changed to Bonnibelle - Bonni for good and charming and Belle for beautiful. And don't you just see the name is perfect for me?

     I am a very happy now and I do not run around crazy or bite people. I love to fetch my toys and play with my furry mice. I toss them high in the air and my Mom finds them on the bookcases and other strange places. Most of all I like to sit with my Mom while she tells me how beautiful and charming I am.

     My Mom asked me tell everyone that she thinks I am the most perfect kitty in the whole world and I think she is probably right. I know I have made her very happy because I really am perfect in practically every single way!

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