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Porky, the Cat of the Day
Name: Porky
Age: One year, six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: European Shorthair
Home: Spokane, Washington, USA
   I have raised this kitten since she was born and she is more than a sweetheart. She was a little pig when she was a baby, always eating, so we'd call her Porky, and it just stuck. She is my little cuddle monster too. She is going to be two on February 21st.

    Since she was a baby, she has been mine. She cuddles and is always there for me when I need comfort, or just a friend. We have a bond I never thought I could have with an animal. She talks back and lets me hold her which she won't do for anyone else. She is great on a harness and leash and listens to when I tell her something. She always wants to be around me. She is also a very photogenic cat and always takes the best picture and poses. Without her I would definitely be at a loss!

Porky, the Cat of the Day
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Porky, the Cat of the Day
Porky, the Cat of the Day
Porky, the Cat of the Day

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