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The Beast the Semi Longhair Cat
Name: The Beast
Age: Three or four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Semi Longhair Cat
Home: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
   I was rescued in 2015 around age two or three. I'm a huge cat with a meow like a mouse squeak. I will let my human tell you more.

     The Beast is my second cat, but he is my first cat from a rescue center. What attracted me to him is his beautiful markings and semi-long hair fur. The staff at Mrs. Murray's Cat and Dog Home thought he was quite an independent cat and not a lap cat at all, but they were quite wrong! He is very affectionate and adapted to his new surroundings very quickly. Within 20 minutes of arriving in his new home, he was curled up on my lap! Now the Beast curls up on me while I am still in bed every morning and often in the evenings too.

     He truly is a lovely cat with a wonderful nature. He has a lot of personality, is very friendly and inquisitive, and he loves to play and pounce on things. He often follows me around, loves human company and people to play with him. He tears through his cat tunnels pouncing on danglers and chasing strings!

     The Beast had always been an indoor cat until he came to live with me, but now he experiences the joys of the outdoors in a rural setting on a daily basis - and he is loving it! His first experience of dipping his paw into a bucket of water made me laugh as he ran around trying to shake his paw dry. Then he had to be rescued when he first jumped onto a privet hedge; he had no idea that his legs would sink through the branches. When autumn arrived, the leaves were a constant source of fun as they swirled about in the wind, but his first snowflakes of winter caused him great concern when they disappeared as soon he touched them.

     The Beast has brought so much warmth and joy into my home, and he seems very happy too – I am grateful every day that I adopted him.

The Beast the Semi Longhair Cat The Beast the Semi Longhair Cat The Beast the Semi Longhair Cat The Beast the Semi Longhair Cat

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