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Garfield, the Cat of the Day
Name: Garfield
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Turkish Angora
Home: Brno, Czech Republic
   Garfield's one of those cats who used to fetch when he was younger, nowadays he's only into acting as a football goalie. Garfield is my first and only cat I've had in my life, the decision to get a cat was based exactly on Jim Davis' Garfield comic strips. From them, I completely felt in love with cat's behaviors and lifestyle, like that they are lazy but as well animals that will show and give a lot of love to their owners if they're well treated.

    He loves to be on his own, but every day when I go to bed, it doesn't take longer than ten seconds for him to stand next to me in the bed, thinking how he is going to make himself comfortable lying next to me. Some of his favourite games to play besides the fetch game is recently just catching the paper ball pretending he's a goalie! He loves to show how happy he is whenever I come home from work. He always runs toward the entrance to my bedroom, lies on the ground and starts rolling around. In regards to personality, he's not like typical cats who do not care who pets them, but he rather needs to spend time around new poeple. He doesn't allow them to pet him at the first time, so they have to be patient if they really want him to get along with them well. He also loves to sit or lie in between the windows frames in my flat, I have those doubled windows with wooden frames, in the kinda old style.

    He seems to have passion for music as well as I do, so whenever I dj in my bedroom, he will sit or lay himself somewhere close to the speakers, and enjoys the music with me. Although he doesn't let everyone touch him at the first sight, he's always very social, so he must be in the same room where we are. He also, like most all cats, loves boxes, but he's picky. He doesn't like the small ones, I found that he only likes one the right size. Now it is the box my new turntables came in and that's quite a big box, so he goes into it every day at least once and plays with a paper ball that I put in it. He also likes watching movies with me, he always comes either next to me or makes himself comfortable on my knees or belly looking at the wall where I'm projecting moving pictures!

Garfield, the Cat of the Day
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Garfield, the Cat of the Day
Garfield, the Cat of the Day
Garfield, the Cat of the Day
Garfield, the Cat of the Day
Garfield, the Cat of the Day

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