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Tuffy, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tuffy
Age: One year, three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: LongHair Cat
Home: Alberta, Canada
   Our cat Tuffy is very active! We have a harness and long leash for Tuffy that we put on him in the back yard so he can get his fresh air and exercise! He loves to chase the insects in the back yard. He jumps up in the air to catch insects and throws them to the ground then Pounces on them and eats them. He also eyes the birds flying by but so far hasn't caught a bird on his leash, but came really Close! Tuffy has a couple of nicknames. One is Chip as his face looks like a chipmunk, and the nickname that we are currently using is Inspector, as he has to inspect everything we bring home. Tuffy has a Kong Toy that has a ball in it with holes on top and the sides. We like to throw his treats in there and watch him get them out from the holes! He sure has mastered getting the treats out!! Last year was Tuffy's first Halloween and he was a Pumpkin!

    This year I had one of my clients make him a Prisoner Costume! Tuffy and I will be venturing out on Halloween to the veterinarian clinic for pet treats and a pet photo as well as the Bone & Biscuit for pet treats and a photo. I will be the police officer escorting my prisoner, Tuffy!

Tuffy, the Cat of the Day
Tuffy, the Cat of the Day

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