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Harley, the Cat of the Day
Name: Harley
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange and White Tabby
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   Harley has a few qualities that make him special, especially to me. When he was a kitty, he was extremely small and did not grow until after a year. My mother thought he was going to be a small cat but surprisingly, he is now very big for the type of cat he is. His tail is extremely long, where it can touch the start of his neck. He was born in Alaska just like I was and was rescued by my mother when she heard of how he was rejected by his mother and was going to be thrown away in a river by the lady that had him and his sister, Holly which was also rescued by my mother. I fell in love with Harley when I met him as a kitty when I was visiting my family up in Alaska before I moved there the following year. After moving to Alaska, for my birthday, I asked for Harley... hoping for him but not expecting my mother to give him up. However, due to her liking cats that can catch mouse and not needing constant attention, she gladly gave Harley to me and still has his sister, Holly.

    Harley has never been successful at hunting or climbing, and he refused to go outside when in Alaska (even during the summers when it is warmer). He still seems curious at times and is playful when extremely prompted. He does not care for the "red" laser that all cats seem to go crazy for. It does not even phase him. He also growls when he hears noises outside and when I come home, he is always there at the door waiting for me or siting on the stairs looking down at me walking through the door from the garage.

    Every night, he has to lay in bed with me and every morning, I have to say my goodbyes. I know Harley is the companionship that I have always needed. I love him with my heart and that's why he is special. He will always be my kitty.

Harley, the Cat of the Day
Harley, the Cat of the Day

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