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Benny the Tabby
Name: Benny Cat
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
   This is Benny, also known as Benjamin Franklin. I adopted him from our local Humane Society after I lost my tuxedo cat. He is a feisty, lovable kitty who is partial to his stuffed mice. What a cutie!

     Benny loves to watch the birdies/squirrels/bunnies in the yard. After all that activity he needs a good nap. Then it's time to play "bathtub hockey:" I throw one of his stuffed mice in the tub and he bats it around. After that, another nap.

     At bedtime he sleeps in my legs until it's time for breakfast when he lays on my chest and bonks me with his head. He also loves to drink water straight from the tap, as you can see. Cuddles are at a minimum so when he does I savor it. I love my little Benzilla.

Benny the Tabby Benny the Tabby

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