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Vanilla the Persian
Name: Vanilla Bean
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian Cat
Home: Chicago, Illinois, USA
   My name is Vanilla Bean the Queen, more on that later. First and foremost, I am the Queen of the Kitty Kingdom and look out for all of the kitties in the land. That is my number-one priority.

     I am also a spokesperson for the Feline Gravyface Foundation which efforts to bring awareness to a chronic condition affecting a small number of felines in which they dunk their faces into water and food so deeply, it ends up looking like noodles in gravy.

     I am a bit stereotypical in my Queen-like snobbish behavior in that I don't like treats. I only eat the finest tuna and salmon. Only. I'm too snobby to be bag lady; you'll never find me hanging out in a grocery bag. Ever. Maybe a Dior bag though. Maybe.

     I have a couple pairs of Ugg boots which I wear in both summer AND winter. See attached where I am rocking the Spring 2015 Collection.

     My favorite toy is a wadded up piece of aluminum that my humans bounce off the floor: I play kitty soccer with the all the time! I have never hissed during my 16 months on earth. Not once. Even when picked on by canines. When I am at a level 10 on the purr-o-meter, I will nibble my meowmie's thumb if she stops petting me. So far, this technique is working quite finely.

     I love listening to 90's hip hop. My favorite group is TLC. I know: not very Queen-like! And I'm a creeper. Creepin' all day every day and typically behind the bathroom door.

     My name came from an online poll that my meowmie did: she had Instagram users pick it! The final choices were: Aggie, Madge, Lois and Vanilla. Whew - I think the Instagram humans did right by me!

     Like most Persians, I am very laid back, sweet, quiet, and a pain in the neck to keep fluffy. I love my meowmie very much. In fact, I'm with her now purring up a storm and making biscuits. She doesn't seem to mind the fact that I am messing up her typing.

     You can find more about me on Instagram at: vanillathecat_swf I take my job seriously and hope I can continue to serve my fellow feline community.

     #gravyface #meowdel #ramenbeard

     Meow, Vanilla

Vanilla the Persian Vanilla the Persian Vanilla the Persian Vanilla the Persian Vanilla the Persian Vanilla the Persian Vanilla the Persian

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