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Bigby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Bigby
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Aegean cat
Home: Almaty, Kazakhstan
   This is my kitten Bigby, she is just six months old, so she is still a growing kitten. She has black and white colors, so stands out nicely against all sorts of natural things like the autumn leaves or even just brown soil.

    I brought Bigby from my friend while she was still very small! And funny. Bigby is a very special cat because she is really a true cat, she only eats and sleeps and does not do anything more. But she was a good kitten about wearing the bow for her pictures, and seems to enjoy having her photograph taken. Bigby collects bottle caps and hoards them in various spots. She likes to play with a them all night! In the afternoon her favourite pastime is lying on the windowsill and thinking about the sense of life. She is very friendly. She never offends anybody.

   I love her just as she is, she is special to me just because she is so cute, and she is my cat!

Bigby, the Cat of the Day
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Bigby, the Cat of the Day
Bigby, the Cat of the Day
Bigby, the Cat of the Day

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