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Sombrero, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sombrero
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic short hair
Home: Syracuse, New York, USA
   Hello cat fans, I would like to introduce you to Sombrero, my incredibly awesome and somewhat quirky seven-year-old. Sombrero's story starts with the rescue of his mother seven years ago at the request of a former landlord, who found him. Yes my landlord is a dog person and told me the cat I was rescuing was a male and I believed her. (important lesson learned)

    Zilla, as I named him/her gave birth to two healthy kittens, Zorro first and then the runt of the litter, Sombrero. (Zilla three months later took down one of my porch screens and left, never to be seen again )

    Zorro was much bigger than his brother Sombrero and always won the fight for his mommy's nipple and seemed to push his brother away most of the time so I intervened to help little Sombrero get his fair share of mommies attention and milk.

    Finally he was able to get milk on his own and I no longer had to worry. Sombrero got his name from his big, long whiskers that bow downwards like a Mexican mustache.

    He is very affectionate and loves to have his belly rubbed. Sombrero and Zorro love each other and frequently takes turns giving head butts and cleaning each other.

    Sombrero dislikes being held and has a fear of plastic grocery bags stemming from an incident when he was young and had one stuck around his neck. Although he does plays with them on his own terms, pouncing on the bag in an attempt to get the "phantom" creature underneath. He is such a wonderful cat whom loves a good movie and is always by my side.

   Here's to you Sombrero!! Cheers to you... my cat friend...

Sombrero, the Cat of the Day
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Sombrero, the Cat of the Day
Sombrero, the Cat of the Day

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