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Beans the Bombay, the Cat of the Day
Name: Beans
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Bombay
Home: De Pere, Wisconsin, USA
   This is our family cat Beans! He is a Bombay we rescued from the Green Bay, WI Humane Society. Beans was found as a stray and was brought to the shelter to be placed in lost and found holding where he waited for a family. The humane society placed his age around 1 year or so. We looked at several cats and liked that when we were in the "meeting room" for Beans to come in and greet us he was scared and stayed in the pet porter and looked sweet. It took about a half an hour and several treats to help lure him out. It was important to let him come out on his own terms. He eventually came out and was friendly so we adopted him.

   Beans is now very tolerant and friendly with children. You can run and play with him, pick him up, push your face into his and the claws stay in the paws! He likes to sleep a lot, especially in the picture window in the sun or directly on a heat duct treating the forced air as his own personal sauna. We love him and he loves us back.

Beans the Bombay, the Cat of the Day
Beans the Bombay, the Cat of the Day

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