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Mazey, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mazey
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Orange Tabby, Maine Coon
Home: Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
   This orange ball of fluff right here is Mazey Jones. Mazey is ... well ... where do I start? She's what I like to call the "Creature from the Cornfield." Why such creepy name you ask? I'll tell ya.

    I used to live in a small town in Georgia. The city was surrounded by massive fields of crops and right across the street from my house was a cornfield. In August of '09, a day after a rainstorm, my mom and I went to check the mailbox across the street. Just as we were about to head back to the house, I heard the mew of a kitten. It was coming from the corn nearby. So, I walked to the edge and peeked in but couldn't see anything. I called to her and she'd call back. I didn't want to leave until I could grab her if she'd let me. Then, within a couple of minutes, two big orange eyes appeared through the stalks. My heart melted. She was still a kitten; maybe a couple of months old or so. She walked up to me and let me pick her up.

    I thought she had to be someone's baby, she was so sweet. The poor thing was also a little wet from being in the storm the day before. On the way back to the house, I was startled by a huge gaping wound near the base of her tail. I took her in and put some antibiotic on it and wrapped it up. We couldn't afford to take her to a vet and I couldn't find anyone that would be willing to adopt her and get her help. I wasn't sure if I could keep her. We already had a bunch of animals in the house, including ferrets! But as time passed, she healed fine, became by buddy, and she only answered to me. She feared strangers. During the last few months before moving out of Georgia, she stayed outside and made home in the shed out in the backyard. When ever a dog chased her up a tree, I was the only one that could coax her down. When I moved to South Carolina, she went with me. I wish I knew what happened to her before a I found her. But then, again, I don't know if I do.

    After living in South Carolina for over five years, she's calmed down a lot since her difficult life in Georgia. I, her owner... I mean, her servant, love that crazy wild thing to pieces. Oh, she looks cute and cuddly in her pictures, but you have to see her insane behavior at home! Nowadays, she spends a lot of her time in her chair by the window, calmly watching nature's activity. Her other favorite activities include: speeding around the house for no reason, not playing with toys I buy her, playing with toys I didn't buy for her, chewing on paper and cardboard boxes, and spying on me to make sure I don't go into the kitchen without her noticing. She certainly is different from all cats that I have ever grown up with. She has her own ways, but she's my best-furry-friend.

Mazey, the Cat of the Day
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Mazey, the Cat of the Day
Mazey, the Cat of the Day
Mazey, the Cat of the Day
Mazey, the Cat of the Day

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