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Oreo, the Cat of the Day
Name: Oreo
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Turkish Angora
Home: Erbil, Kurdistan
   Oreo is special because of the lovely black patch on his chin in perfect harmony with his lovely black nose. And he's also special because of the lovely and unique pattern of lines in his eyes.

    He is a really quiet cat, and never meows! Except when he is calling out for his partner (Polo), he is very quiet! Even if he is hungry, he comes around and starts purring and rubbing himself against me. When I go to his place to get his food, he runs after me, knowing he'll get food, but never emits a single meow.

    Oreo is very well behaved. When I am eating, he never comes to bother me, if he wants what I eat, he just sits there quietly besides me. He never bites, when presented with hands, he just stays quiet and doesn't do anything, letting me pet him and then he starts purring. He loves to play with plastic bags, getting inside them and he enjoys the sound they make. He also has some balls that he plays with, I throw him little balls, rolling them on the ground, he punches them back to me.

    I also included this nice picture of him having his eyes intently on the little birds in the cage. They are safely out of his reach, but he can dream!

Oreo, the Cat of the Day
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Oreo, the Cat of the Day
Oreo, the Cat of the Day
Oreo, the Cat of the Day
Oreo, the Cat of the Day

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