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Abbey, the Cat of the Day
Name: Abbey
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bengal
Home: North Carolina, USA
   Abbey came from a cattery by the sea in beautiful North Carolina. We adopted Abbey after we lost our two beloved cats, Sophie and Tucker. Heartbroken we set out on an internet journey to find a baby to fill our lives. The minute we saw her we knew she was perfect. We drove four hours to get her and she caterwauled the four hours back. First arriving home she was so tiny and shy, we called her a spider with how quick she scooted around and hid. She began to open up to us and we loved her with all our hearts.

    Two months later she was joined by a beautiful baby modern Siamese. They became best friends and get into all kinds of trouble. Abbey is very vocal, allergic to wheat, and will steal your straw when you're not looking. She loves walking outside on her harness, and her favorite toy if her carpet feather teaser. Now approaching two years old she's happy and healthy, and we are still absolutely in love.

Abbey, the Cat of the Day
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Abbey, the Cat of the Day
Abbey, the Cat of the Day
Abbey, the Cat of the Day

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