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Mia the Burmese Mix
Name: Mia
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Burmese Mix
Home: London, England, UK
   Mia is our precious kitty who is named after the exotic Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Qatar. We worked over there in the arts for museums, and found her in the back streets of the 'souks' (name for markets) in cages under the hot desert sun. We were told many of these kitty's wouldn't live and we wanted to rescue all of the them, sadly we could only rescue one. She was incredibly young , only three weeks and very quiet and defenseless, Mia and my wife immediately formed an emotional connection. Later that night Mia had a loving home, and a vigorous bath!

     I've had a few cats before, but never a burmese, and she was my wife's second kitty, but the first one that she really connected with. Mia's older brother Oscar is more boyish and messy, but I connect with him amazingly. Mia is very sweet and affectionate, and loves to suckle blankets on us while we watch movies on the couch. Mia is super intelligent, and follows her messy brother into the litter tray to clean up his poo.

     We have a projector we watch movies on, and she loves the mouse cursor on the wall. She bounces high to catch the projected cursor as we zip it quickly back and forth across the wall.

     She is a cat of routine, and joins my wife for all of her morning ‘getting ready' routines, sharing little bits of milk from the cereal bowl and watching keenly learning how to put lipstick on.

     She loves staring into our eyes and meowing with her sweet high pitch girly voice begging us to hug her and to play with her. As for tricks, she loves fetch, chasing after little balls and returning them to us so we can throw them again.

     She is one of the most intelligent and caring kitties we've ever known and we feel privileged to call her part of our family.

Mia the Burmese Mix Mia the Burmese Mix Mia the Burmese Mix

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