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Miss Bootsie, the Cat of the Day
Name: Miss Bootsie
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Medium Hair
Home: Vero Beach, Florida, USA
   Miss Bootsie was a stray running the streets of Detroit when she was brought in to an adoption center. She was so thin and very scared of everything. She was about one year old at the time. I had just lost my first cat and needed another. I took one look at Miss Bootsie and my heart dropped and I knew she was the one. It took about a year for her to come out of her fright and today she is quite the lady.

    She is the most well-behaved girl and has become quite a talker. But most of all she has me trained. She made calender girl for the local cat hospital and was featured in their calender in 2012. Today Miss Bootsie has no fears of anything or anyone because she has learned through me that no one will cause her harm. The vets office gets excited when I bring her in because they all love her. Miss Bootsie returns me the favor of adopting her by her constant kisses and companionship. She is a classic story - "From Rags to Riches".

Miss Bootsie, the Cat of the Day
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Miss Bootsie, the Cat of the Day
Miss Bootsie, the Cat of the Day
Miss Bootsie, the Cat of the Day

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