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Today's Cat of the Day
George the Domestic Shorthair George
Domestic Shorthair
North Carolina, USA
December 01, 1999

Mr. Midnight the Domestic Shorthair Mr. Midnight
Domestic Shorthair
Ft. Myers, Florida, USA
December 02, 1999

Kiko the Tabby Kiko
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
December 03, 1999

Céline the Sacred Cat of Burma Céline
Sacred Cat of Burma
Torino, Italy
December 04, 1999

Polly the Cat Polly
December 05, 1999

Lucky the Snowshoe Siamese Lucky
Snowshoe Siamese
St. Augustine, Florida, USA
December 06, 1999

Romeo the Sphynx Romeo
California, USA
December 07, 1999

Zuzu the Russian Blue Mix Zuzu
Russian Blue Mix
Houston, Texas, USA
December 08, 1999

Kisi the Icelandic, Angora Mix Kisi
Icelandic, Angora Mix
December 09, 1999

Schlap the Orange and White Schlap
Orange and White
San Mateo, California, USA
December 10, 1999

Solomon the Ringtailed Sing Solomon
Ringtailed Sing
Fremont, California, USA
December 11, 1999

Norton the Moggie Norton
San Francisco, California, USA
December 12, 1999

Phantom the Domestic Short Hair Phantom
Domestic Short Hair
Frisco, Texas, USA
December 13, 1999

Muffin the Long Hair Calico Muffin
Long Hair Calico
Northern California, USA
December 14, 1999

Boots the Domestic Shorthair Boots
Domestic Shorthair
Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA
December 15, 1999

Pumpee the KINDHOLDER Pumpee
Liverpool, UK
December 16, 1999

Stanley the Domestic Short Hair Stanley
Domestic Short Hair
Washington, USA
December 17, 1999

Lucy the Brown Tabby Lucy
Brown Tabby
Olympia, Washington, USA
December 18, 1999

Figaro the Cat Figaro
Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, USA
December 19, 1999

Lilly the Tortie Point Himalayan Lilly
Tortie Point Himalayan
Huntington, West Virginia, USA
December 20, 1999

Ali the Kat Ali
Mahomet, Illinois, USA
December 21, 1999

Santa Claws the Himalayan Santa Claws
Florida, USA
December 22, 1999

Kuro, Flip the Domestic Shorthair, Dog Kuro, Flip
Domestic Shorthair, Dog
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
December 23, 1999

Rio the Domestic Short Hair Rio
Domestic Short Hair
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
December 24, 1999

Wendy the Tabby Wendy
Chatsworth, California, USA
December 25, 1999

Kitty the Cat Kitty
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
December 26, 1999

Paulie the Silver Tabby Maine Coon Paulie
Silver Tabby Maine Coon
New Jersey, USA
December 27, 1999

Miss Daisy the Domestic Shorthair Miss Daisy
Domestic Shorthair
North Carolina, USA
December 28, 1999

Pringles the Domestic Shorthair Pringles
Domestic Shorthair
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
December 29, 1999

Versace the Bengal Versace
California, USA
December 30, 1999

Sophie the Cat Sophie
North Carolina, USA
December 31, 1999

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