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July 15, 1999

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R.J., the Cat of the Day
Name: R.J.
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Cat
Home: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
   I'd like you to meet RJ. This beautiful loving kitty came to me thirteen years ago when he was only three months old. My aunt and uncle called one day and asked me to drive out to their place on the weekend as they had a surprise for me. I drove the six hours to their farm and when I got there they presented me with this scrawny little white kitten. Neighbors of theirs had an unwanted litter that was going to be destroyed so they rescued him for me knowing how much I loved white cats. He slept on my lap the whole trip home and to this day he absolutely loves riding in a vehicle.

    A few weeks after I got RJ though he came down with a life-threatening virus and almost didn't survive. The emergency clinic I took him to held little hope but through the clinic's perseverance, my prayers, RJ's will and, I think, a miracle, he pulled through. After a week in the hospital I took him home and he's been a ray of sunshine in my life ever since.

    When RJ was four I got married and when he was six we got a puppy. He's traveled with us everywhere and has lived in four Provinces. He is the most incredible well-adjusted cat we have ever known. He just makes himself at home wherever he goes. There's many times my husband and I have had to retrieve him from the neighbors as he was over there for a visit and a nap with their cat. One time we got a phone call from someone two blocks away to say that RJ was having turkey dinner with them and they would send him home when he was done (he always wears a tag with his name, address & phone #).

    He likes teasing his buddy Kuma (a 100 pound Akita) by licking his paws or ears when he's asleep or, when he wants to play, he will walk up to Kuma arch his back and race off down the hall, this is Kuma's invitation to chase him. RJ even beats Kuma to the truck when it's time to go for a walk. When our alarm goes off in the morning RJ jumps into bed with us for his morning cuddles, hugs and kisses. He's also a great talker. He chatters to himself and to us constantly and makes no bones about letting us know what he thinks. He is just the sweetest kitty and we both love him so very much.

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