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October 12, 1999

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Guinevere, the Cat of the Day
Name: Guinevere
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Sacred cat of Burma
Home: Vaprio d'Adda, Italy
   Hello! Our cat's name is Guinevere, she is two years old. She is a Sacred cat of Burma and lives in Italy in Vaprio d'Adda. Apart being special like any other cat and pet, she is a high jump champion. When she was nearly six months old she in fact jumped down (or just slid?) the eighth floor. Don't worry... only a little damage. Now she is two years old and she seems more careful.

    Last July she found a fiancé, Agatone, and she had two marvellous kittens: Beren and Berenice. Guinevere is a wonderful pet companion and does not take part in exhibitions, nevertheless she is a good queenie: her kittens had all the standards asked by the breed. Beren and Berenice too, luckily, are full time companion pets. Every man sharing the house - and life - with a Sacred Cat of Burma can confirm how sweet they behavior is. They love gardens but also live perfectly well in flats - without damaging any furniture. According to my experience, males are even sweeter than females, females become such as the years go by but some of them (see Guinevere and Berenice) are a bit snob when they are young. They are indefatigable players and love to follow their owner in every room - also in bed if you let them. The Sacred Cat of Burma is usually a friendly cat and is happy to share the house with other animals, also other cats.

    Her home page, where you can learn more about her is here.


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