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January 12, 2000

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Isabella, the Cat of the Day
Name: Isabella
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Tabby, Calico Mix
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
   Isabella was adopted from a local shelter. Her previous humans decided they didn't want her. Can you imagine? Just look at that face. Now, imagine that face as the first thing you see every morning staring down at you, her entire weight bearing down on your rib cage. Imagine that face poking between you and every newspaper/book/magazine you attempt to read. Imagine how adorable that face looks when she smashes the vase your best friend crafted especially for your wedding present, as she tears the sofa to shreds, and as she pukes on the hardwood floors. And that's all on a slow day.

    But golly, I sure do love this cat. She's a wonderful companion. She's affectionate and attentive and ever-present. She's also very sad right now, because her brother Dennis the Cat died of kidney failure on Friday, December 10. While the humans in the house have been quite vocal and emotional, Isabella has chosen to express her grief with a lengthy series of very long naps. But we know she misses him. We certainly do.

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