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Puffy the Chinchilla Persian Puffy
Chinchilla Persian
Hasuda, Saitama, Japan
December 01, 2001

Abbie the Abyssinian Abbie
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada
December 02, 2001

Jasper the Domestic Long Hair Jasper
Domestic Long Hair
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
December 03, 2001

Boo the Cat Boo
Wytheville, Virginia, USA
December 04, 2001

Bogart the Domestic Long Hair Bogart
Domestic Long Hair
Chicago, Illinois, USA
December 05, 2001

Mickey the Himalayan Mix Mickey
Himalayan Mix
Atwater, California, USA
December 06, 2001

Bluey the British Shorthair Bluey
British Shorthair
Tilburg, The Netherlands
December 07, 2001

Tuffy the Cat Tuffy
Tulare, California, USA
December 08, 2001

Bluebell the Siamese Bluebell
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
December 09, 2001

Earl Grey the Tabby Earl Grey
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
December 10, 2001

Hamlet the American Shorthair Hamlet
American Shorthair
Oregon, USA
December 11, 2001

Norman the Domestic Short Hair Norman
Domestic Short Hair
Stamford, Connecticut, USA
December 12, 2001

Koko the American Shorthair Koko
American Shorthair
Seoul, South Korea
December 13, 2001

Polka the Egyptian Mau Polka
Egyptian Mau
Alaska, USA
December 14, 2001

Minnosh the Domestic Shorthair Minnosh
Domestic Shorthair
Sydney, Australia
December 15, 2001

Booters the Tortoise shell Booters
Tortoise shell
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
December 16, 2001

Lucy the American Shorthair Lucy
American Shorthair
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, USA
December 17, 2001

Tigger the Orange Tabby Tigger
Orange Tabby
New Jersey, USA
December 18, 2001

Nikki the Ragdoll Nikki
December 19, 2001

Muffin the Calico Muffin
December 20, 2001

NoNoNicky the Maine Coon NoNoNicky
Maine Coon
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
December 21, 2001

Simon the Tabby Simon
Longview, Washington, USA
December 22, 2001

Spider the Cornish Rex Spider
Cornish Rex
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
December 23, 2001

Zoie the Calico Mix Zoie
Calico Mix
Chesterfield, Missouri, USA
December 24, 2001

Paulie the Silver Tabby Maine Coon Paulie
Silver Tabby Maine Coon
Oradell, New Jersey, USA
December 25, 2001

Sheba the Cat Sheba
Salina, Kansas, USA
December 26, 2001

Spumoni the Domestic Longhair Spumoni
Domestic Longhair
Highspire, Pennsylvania, USA
December 27, 2001

Cue the Bobtail Mix Cue
Bobtail Mix
Pasadena, California, USA
December 28, 2001

Nicky the Tabby Nicky
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
December 29, 2001

Poppy the Maine Coon mix Poppy
Maine Coon mix
December 30, 2001

Martey the Maine Coon Mix Martey
Maine Coon Mix
New Hampshire, USA
December 31, 2001

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