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May 5, 2001

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Rasta, the Cat of the Day
Name: Rasta
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian, Tabby Mix
Home: Lake Gaston, North Carolina, USA
   Rasta is a sweetheart and has a very fun personality, This picture shows her in true color! Rasta is a character, she has a very strong independent streak, she also loves her humans, she loves to pounce on unsuspecting feet, immediately followed by a half turn and very fast sprint, where she then sets up for the next attack! Rasta loves her special kitty time, no matter where she is or what she is doing the words "special kitty" is a true call of the wild, you have her attention for treat time.Rasta loves to sprint from one end of the house to the other, making as much noise as possible, her favorite time to play is in the wee hours of the morning. Rasta is just Rasta! My name is Rasta, I am a year and a half old and I am an orange tabby mixed with some Persian. I am usually a pretty headstrong cat but as you can see I too have my moments of weakness. (I still cannot believe mom is making me share this!) I love to carry my mouse everywhere, ripping it around and showing it who is boss, in a rare moment of submission my mom caught me!

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