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October 11, 2001

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Sea Breeze, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sea Breeze
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico Point Siamese
Home: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
   My baby girl's name is Sea Breeze, she is a calico point siamese. She loves to give kisses, and is always looking to play. She gazes at you with those big blue eyes and makes you fall in love with her instantly! She's a good little girl!

    New Years Eve 1999, I drove into the local shelter and there she was. I was looking at all the kitties and had my back turned to her and felt something touching my back. I turned around and it was Sea Breeze. Her previous owner had to put her there because her landlord evicted her (on Christmas Eve!), and since she couldn't keep the kitty living in the car with her, she ended up at the shelter. A week later I found her and she's had our hearts ever since. Her name used to be Oliver but we changed it, we thought Sea Breeze was much better name. She seems to agree!

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