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Cat of the Day
Today's Cat of the Day
Rusty the Cat Rusty
Connecticut, USA
December 01, 2002

Thor the Domestic Short Hair Thor
Domestic Short Hair
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
December 02, 2002

Egypt the Domestic Shorthair Egypt
Domestic Shorthair
Columbus, Ohio, USA
December 03, 2002

Gus the Domestic Shorthair Gus
Domestic Shorthair
New York, USA
December 04, 2002

Azure the Siamese Azure
New York City, New York, USA
December 05, 2002

Ashley the Domestic Longhair Ashley
Domestic Longhair
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
December 06, 2002

Trouble the Tabby Trouble
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
December 07, 2002

Geno the Domestic Shorthair Geno
Domestic Shorthair
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA
December 08, 2002

Sammy the Savannah Sammy
New York, USA
December 09, 2002

Krista the Tortoiseshell Krista
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
December 10, 2002

Sheila the Tabby, Abyssinian mix Sheila
Tabby, Abyssinian mix
Saugus, California, USA
December 11, 2002

Sassy the Domestic Longhair Sassy
Domestic Longhair
Tennessee, USA
December 12, 2002

Tigger the Domestic Short Hair Tigger
Domestic Short Hair
Chicago, Illinois, USA
December 13, 2002

Cola the Domestic Short Hair Cola
Domestic Short Hair
California, USA
December 14, 2002

Budnicks the Domestic Longhair Budnicks
Domestic Longhair
North Carolina, USA
December 15, 2002

Tanner the Domestic Longhair Tanner
Domestic Longhair
Hornhill, Ontario, Canada
December 16, 2002

Jasper the Tuxedo Cat Jasper
Tuxedo Cat
Charlotte Hall, Maryland, USA
December 17, 2002

Cairo the Blue Point Siamese Cairo
Blue Point Siamese
Minnesota, USA
December 18, 2002

Autumn the Calico Autumn
Oregon City, Oregon, USA
December 19, 2002

Duke the Tabby Duke
Plano, Texas, USA
December 20, 2002

Sugarberry the Maine Coon mix Sugarberry
Maine Coon mix
Dallas, Texas, USA
December 21, 2002

Booshie the Cat Booshie
Dundalk, Ontario, Canada
December 22, 2002

Obelisk the Ragdoll Obelisk
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
December 23, 2002

Samantha the Ragdoll Samantha
Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii
December 24, 2002

Lucy the Maine Coon Cat Lucy
Maine Coon Cat
Oradell, New Jersey, USA
December 25, 2002

Sake the Domestic Short Hair Sake
Domestic Short Hair
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
December 26, 2002

Sushi the Domestic Medium Hair Sushi
Domestic Medium Hair
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
December 27, 2002

Maggie the Cat Maggie
Houston, Texas, USA
December 28, 2002

Rudi the Tabby Rudi
Kyle, Texas, USA
December 29, 2002

Domino the White Angora Domino
White Angora
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
December 30, 2002

Oreo the Tuxedo Cat Oreo
Tuxedo Cat
Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
December 31, 2002

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