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September 3, 2002

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Fern, the Cat of the Day
Name: Fern
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Long Hair
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Fern is a very special girl. She was born in our home May 12, 2001 to a pregnant cat we were fostering for our local shelter. Fern was from a litter of five. We've also kept Fern's sister Iris. Its remarkable to see how two cats raised exactly the same, can be so different. Fern is very vocal and the dominate one. She literally demands to be patted. She can play fetch and is very talented at carrying items in her mouth. Fern is very cat curious and enjoys helping with daily activities, especially cooking. Fern's a bit of a piggy and has been known to tackle her human Dad, for his cereal milk! Fern and Iris are also the best of friends, they amuse each other and spend hours lounging together. Both have very beautiful fluffy tails. Fern is only 8 weeks old in this photo, so her tail had not reached its fluff potential yet :) Fern is an important part of our family and is treated like the queen she knows she is :) Want to learn more about Fern? She's the proud co-owner of her own website

    Anyone interested in raising kittens from birth should contact their local shelter. They are always looking for foster homes for momma and babies. At 8-12 weeks the litter goes up for adoption. Just something to think about, as I've found people don't realize fostering kittens is even an option!

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