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July 3, 2003

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Noodle, the Cat of the Day
Name: Noodle
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell
Home: Decatur, Illinois, USA
   Hi there, my name is Noodle and I am a happy twelve-pound kitty. My parents adopted me and my friend Peanut from the shelter in May 2002, and we have all become the best of friends. Peanut and I have lots of room to roam, and we love dragging towels out of the laundry basket at night when our parents are sleeping.

    As you can see, I just love rolling around on my back and having my belly rubbed. It's the best! I also like being scratched underneath my collar, and I really like when my mom gives me soft cat food. My favorite toys are twist ties and milk rings, and I hide them underneath a special chair. Every once in a while, my mom moves the chair and finds my treasures. She collects them and redistributes them so I can hide them over and over again!

    I think I should be honored because I'm a sweet lap kitty who is very grateful to have been adopted into such a wonderful family! Plus, how could you resist my beautiful tortoise shell colorings?

    Sincerely, Noodle (a.k.a. Noodie)

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