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June 15, 2003

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Kamco and Salzzin, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kamco, Salzzin
Age: 1.5 years, three months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Siamese
Home: Daegu, South Korea
   These two beautiful cats are our family's cuddly joy. Kamco is Salzzin's father, and it's truly fun to watch the two of them. Kamco used to be one playful kitten, but these days he's softening into a cuddlebug. Salzzin has all the energy Kamco used to have as a kitten, only she's wilder. Kamco plays with her all the time, and we know he's only a kitten at heart too, but he got calmer and more dignified when he became a father. He stands back when Salzzin's eating, and never tries to eat her food, even when he's only given diet cat food whereas Salzzin gets all the fancy kitten food. He also gives her extensive licking sessions before going to sleep, and they both purr each other to sleep. He may play rough with her sometimes, but he's actually very protective of her. Once, when we bathed her for the first time, he meowed behind the closed bathroom door until we let her out! He's an excellent dad! We love these cats to pieces! Even though they bite and lick our toes if we don't wake up fast enough in the morning to feed them, and mom always complains they make too much dust chasing each other around, they're such fun cats to be around anyway!

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