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October 6, 2003

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Esme, the Cat of the Day
Name: Esme
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Olney, Maryland, USA
   Esme came to us almost three years ago via a former coworker of mine, who had rescued her from strayhood. At the time, we had recently lost our female cat (Halo) but still had two male cats (Hobbes and Harley). I had been thinking adopting a girl kitty from the pound, but something told me to wait a bit longer... and then we were given the chance to adopt Esme. Her first month with us was a bit stressful for all concerned - Hobbes and Harley refused to come downstairs and mingle with their new "sister," so we had to move their food and litter box into an upstairs bathroom. But eventually they all learned to peacefully cohabit with, if not love, each other. Esme is now our only cat and I like to think she has at least some fond memories of her brothers. She and Harley were a regular pair of bookends on our loveseat. There is very little that fazes Esme. She is very outgoing, has to be where the action is, and loves to meet new people. No one ever comes to our door without being given the royal treatment by this Miss Personality (or is that Purrsonality?). Although we struggle hard to keep her an indoor cat (she was declawed when we got her), one of Esme's few flaws is an avid desire to revisit the great outdoors. It's not the same, but she does enjoy relaxing on the window seat in front of an open window, keeping close tabs on the birds, bunnies, and groundhog who inhabit our front yard. Esme is great company, especially when I don't feel well. Then she's always by my side, as if she knows that contact with a warm, soft, and very furry kitty body will make me feel better! And during a cold winter night, there's nothing better than having Esme snuggle under the covers between my husband and me, purring her little lungs out. She has a loving, intelligent spirit inside her beautiful calico exterior. We're really grateful that Esme came our way, and don't know what we'd do without her.

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