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January 25, 2004

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MiuMiu, the Cat of the Day
Name: MiuMiu
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Guangzhou, China
   I have a cat named MiuMiu. When I came home at night three years ago, one of my best friends brought me a little kitten who was just born from her mother. It was said that it was her mother's first time bearing kittens and she was the only one child. In China, it is thought that when a cat bears one kitten, that one is the dragon cat; and if it bears two, and the two cats are tiger cats; and if she bears three, the three are the cat cats; if there are four or more kittens, they are the mouse cats. so MiuMiu, who was the first only kitten of her mother, is a dragon cat. In Chinese tradition, this means she will bring us good luck and happy life, and actually, she does! At the same time, we give her a happy life, too.

    She likes classical music, and can open the door if she was closed inside somewhere accidentally. Sometimes she is proud, bringing us a wild bird or a mouse in her mouth. She always waits us for a long time in the open street when we go shopping. She always shares her food with her friends. Once she eats one kind of food, such as fish-flavored food, she could eat the same kind at all times and never change, even if she was forced to eat another (just so she gets better nutrition). She has a strong character! She plays with the feather, and just the feather, and she will play with it for hours.

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