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May 26, 2004

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Boris, the Cat of the Day
Name: Boris
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peterbald
Home: Newark, Delaware, USA
   Here is a picture of our Boris. He is our little Peterbald cat and a very loving breed. He is such a funny boy. Boris loves to pounce on and then take down our two female Sphynx (a hairless breed). Boris comes from breeders that live in New Jersey but are originally from Russia. the Peterbald breed is from Russia also. He is a hairless breed also, so we do not have a hair ball problem.

    He has a huggy, loving, hold me kind of personality. He follows us around the house. He's always at the door at 4:30 for dinner when we arrive at home from work. He is very interested in Everything - we call him the inspector. He likes to touch all items, and likes to carry around a toy in his mouth. He loves to look out the window and stands so he looks like a big muscle kitty. Boris is th only cat I have ever seen that kneads in the air as you rub his belly. Loud purrs emerge each am ... after he has his breakfast. If you noticed, feeding time is an important event of the day to Boris.

    He likes to curl up each afternoon in the green room with his two female loves, Dazzle and Sheba, and bask in the warm sun.

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