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November 9, 2004

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Mia, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mia
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Frederick, Maryland, USA
   I got Mia in May of 2002 from a farm owned by one of my sister's friends. When I first got Mia, she was so tiny but she had a big head with big ears! Everyone wondered why I picked her out of all the cats because a lot of people thought she was ugly. I adored her as soon as I saw her. She had the strangest colors because she was grey and black striped, but she had brown patches all over. I believe she is some sort of Calico cat, but it doesn't matter to me what breed she is anyway.

    Mia has just been the greatest cat I've ever had. She is so funny to play with and her favorite way to sleep is on her back with her paws curled up in the air. It is the cutest thing ever! Sometimes she tends to go crazy and literally bounce off of walls, but it gives her character. Sometimes my sister and I can just sit in my room and watch Mia, and just laugh hysterically because she acts so silly sometimes. Not only is she full of energy, but she loves to cuddle and sit on my lap. Every time I am on the computer she jumps up and sits on my lap. She even sleeps in my bed every night! She loves to meet new people and she is never mean to anyone. She is also great with my older cat Muffin. She loves to play with Muffin and she always tries to lay next to Muffin, but Muffin doesn't like it very much! Mia is all that anyone could ever ask for in a pet! She is the greatest!

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