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June 7, 2005

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Teika, the Cat of the Day
Name: Teika
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Long-haired Dilute Calico
Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
   Teika arrived in our home when she was about twenty days of age. She had been found by Danny, the son of a customer, outside, all alone and approximately ten days old. Due to allergies, Danny's family was unable to keep her. When I got the call I knew that this would be the perfect time to add to our family (we have two other cats). Being so young she needed to be bottle fed and cared for and I loved every single minute of it. It wasn't long before she was eating and thriving, and learning to eat solid food, although she wore as much as she consumed.

    This dear little tiny cat has grown into a beautiful creature. I'm so glad she's ours. Teika is so easy to love and so hard not to kiss. I'm surprised she has any fur on the top of her head because of all the kisses she gets very day.

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