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March 13, 2005

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Cali Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Cali Cat
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic short hair
Home: Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
   About a year ago I came home to a note in my mailbox from a friend. It said that someone had left a young cat with kittens on her doorstep. She took the kittens (old enough to be weaned) to a pet store, and wondered if I would take the mother cat. But of course! She told me that the little cat was a calico, so I named her Cali the Calico Cat before ever laying eyes on her.

    Cali turned out to be tortoiseshell - aka brindle - not calico, which has colored patches on a white background - but she does have a calico belly. So her full name is Cali the Brindle Cat with the Calico Belly. I just call her Cali Cat for short.

    Cali Cat was tiny when I brought her home. She must have gotten pregnant during her first heat, poor little girl. She has a hearty appetite, and her weight doubled within two months. She took to my other two cats right away, although they took a little time to get used to her. Now she is the perfect playmate for my ten-year-old cat. They spend time each day posturing, slapping and wrestling. The extra activity has helped keep my ten-year-old in shape. Once in a while I even catch my sixteen-year-old cat giving her chase.

    Cali is extremely affectionate, and just loves to have her belly rubbed. Whenever I pet her she flops down and rolls over so that I will rub her belly. She starts purring the moment I touch her. She also loves to follow me around, running past me and leaping onto the furniture in whatever room I am going in to, then meowing for more attention. She loves to cuddle underneath the covers with me at night. She even "spoons" with me!

    I am very thankful that Cali Cat came into my life.

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