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August 13, 2006

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Memo, the Cat of the Day
Name: Memo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Viña del Mar, Chile
   This is our Memo, he is two years old and I don't know if he is from some specific breed but to us he's the most beautiful black cat in the whole world and he lives a wonderful life in Viña del Mar, Chile.

    What makes Memo special is that he began his life suffering, we found him by chance and he became the great and sweet cat that he is. He was found lying faded on the sidewalk, surrounded by dogs but not moving at all. He didn't open his eyes or seem to be awake, so we decided to do something and took him to our apartment. His skinny body was full of fleas and ticks, he barely had some hair in spots over his body and was starving and dehydrating to death. We gave him some milk, squeezing it from a cotton into his mouth. After he drank a whole glass of water and before he fell asleep for an entire day, we sprinkled something to help him get rid of the fleas and wrapped his body with a plastic bag (obviously leaving his head out it). Later, we realized that his thousands of dead fleas seemed like black sand on the bottom of the plastic bag.

    When he woke up, he was confused and weak, he drank a lot of water and milk again but he also met his beloved tuna. He won our hearts immediately. He miaowed so loud that we can hear him half block away. He went out every day to the woods crossing the highway nearby our apartment to chase hares with other cats. He woke us up every day at 6 a.m. to open the door for him when we heard him. There was a day, when we opened the door and he came into the house with a white and yellow striped baby cat in his mouth, we asked everybody if someone had lost it and stuck flyers, but it turned out to be another homeless cat thrown out. (He is Vicente, Memo's partner to everything he does.)

    He lived his happy routine till once he didn't come back, so, we desperately looked for him in the woods for nine days. Every night my mom, my sister and I woke up listening to his powerful miaows really far into the woods, but we couldn't find him. We got convinced that he had died in an attempt to cross the highway, but at the 10th day, when we had lost all our hopes in finding him, we heard him outside our door at 3 p.m., as loud as always, but with a bike wire encrusted into his neck. (A commonly used trap to hunt rabbits and hares, you can see it illegally used everywhere in our country).

    The awful wound took a long time to heal, his neck hair where he had the wire grew white leaving a reminder of that incident. But now Memo is a big healthy cat living in a big house with six more cats that we saved from cruel owners and the one Memo himself saved. You can see him very happy, jumping and chasing them around, living the life that a wonderful creature like him deserves.

    *Here, in Chile, people are very mean to animals, they throw them out and consider them like "objects," there are poor laws against animal cruelty but nobody cares enough to report or to press charges, because the police never shows up when the reason for your call is an animal suffering. You can see all the time people doing terrible things, there are few people who really care and interested into helping animals.

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