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August 20, 2006

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Grimaldi, the Cat of the Day
Name: Grimaldi
Age: Deceased, Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Poughquag, New York, USA
   This is our beloved Grimaldi, a.k.a. Baby G. He was not quite four years old when he passed away after suffering complications related to Feline HCM. He came to live with us after we discovered him and his two brothers, Tycho and Copernicus, as tiny stray kittens who had been born in our basement window well. Although our time with him was far too short, we treasured every minute we spent with him. He was a most beautiful cat, and he had a wonderful personality to match. He was also deaf, but that never bothered him. In fact, it even had some "benefits". On the 4th of July and during summer thunderstorms, Grimaldi got to enjoy the "light show" through the windows, while his brothers, who were scared of the loud noises, hid under the sofa. Grimaldi cheerfully greeted everyone who came to our home and everyone who met him loved him. He was our little helper with every kind of household task from laundry and paperwork to woodworking projects. He was a master mouser and loved to play tag and wrestle with his brothers. Though they were both larger than him, it was most often Grimaldi who initiated the kitty games. He snuggled and cuddled us to sleep each night and cheerfully woke us up every morning. Baby G was very talkative. He'd talk to himself as he walked around the house, he would call his brothers when he wanted them to come play and he would call to us whenever he wanted his beautiful belly rubbed. He was also quite a little "ham" and loved to have his picture taken. For more pictures, you can view his webpage.

    Grimaldi was our special "Cat of the Day" every day and he will be forever. The day after Grimaldi died, we saw the most beautiful rainbow. It seemed to end in the garden where we buried him. Though are hearts are broken over losing him, we know he is at peace in heaven. Grimaldi, our sweet Baby G, thank you for so many wonderful memories. We will never forget you and we love you always.

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