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December 11, 2006

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Kelly, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kelly
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bengal-type Tortoise-shell
Home: Cape Town, South Africa
   Kelly is a one-of cat. She sees people as laps and a new visitor is not welcome until Kelly has settled on their lap for a catnap. She is also very vocal. On arriving home from work, Kelly is always the first to meet and greet me with a very direct meaw. People often think she is crying for food, where in fact she is simply saying hello or yelling "Sit down, I want to sleep on your lap!"

    Kelly enjoys warm summer afternoons in the sun and is normally found lazing around on the stoep, stretched out in her usual pose. A strange, but favorite, pastime of this crazy cat is to rub her teeth against people's toes. No-one knows why she does this, but she seems to derive hours of enjoyment from it.

    Don't mess with this cat though. Sometimes she gets the evil eye. We still don't know why, but often her eyes go black as pitch and a look of dread crosses her face. Given her space, she soon cools down and forgets about whatever it was. Some say she senses ghosts, but I say she's just full of non-sense and the slightest thing ticks her off, especially when she's trying to sleep.

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