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February 1, 2006

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Grayson, the Cat of the Day
Name: Grayson
Age: Six and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: San Antonio, Texas, USA
   Grayson wanted to tell you himself about how special he is: My full name is Grayson Earl, but you can just call me Grayson. Or Boyfriend or Little Boy or Little Buddy - like my mommy sometimes does. It's so confusing all the names she has for me!

    My feline parents are feral. Another lady, Patricia Jane, rescued me and my litter mates when we were three weeks old. I had one brother - Ponce de Leon - and two sisters. They gave us Cat Milk, which I still like. There was one other sister, but they couldn't catch her. She's still wild.

    There's a funny story about my name. Patricia Jane named me Earl Gray - after the tea. But my new mommy wanted a different name. Somehow, she came up with Grayson. Then she added Earl so that I still have the first name I was given. Someone suggested you could even call me the Earl of Grayson!

    When I was eight weeks old, my human parents came to see me and my litter mates. It was just my two sisters and me because Ponce had already found a home. My sisters didn't seem interested but I really liked the new humans. I sat in their laps and did my very, very best cute act! It worked too. They brought me home to a big house. It was scary at first because Ponce and I had been living in a bathroom. Now I like my home and my humans.

    I'm a big boy. When I went to get fixed, I weighed nine pounds! I was just barely six months old then! My uncle says I'm going to be sixteen pounds full grown. But others are predicting twenty pounds! All muscle though, I move too fast and too often to be fat!

    My mommy likes to play fetch with me. She crumples paper and throws it. I run get it, play with it a bit and then bring it back to her. She throws it, again and again. So much fun! My daddy plays fetch too, but he teases me sometimes, acting like he has paper when he doesn't. Then sometimes he only pretends to throw.

    I enjoy my family. They like to snuggle with me and they really like it when I curl up next to them or in their laps. I like it too. You might say my life is just purr-fect!

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