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June 19, 2006

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Belle, the Cat of the Day
Name: Belle
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Roseville, Minnesota, USA
   Hi, I'm Belle, also know as "Little Lamb!" After much discussion and prayer, my mommy and daddy decided to adopt me from a shelter and make me the third kitty in their family. They weren't sure how their other two cats would get along with a new kitten, but after a few days, I was completely accepted. My brothers, Boo and Bear, couldn't resist warming up to me.

    My daddy says I make it feel like it's Christmas every day because I am so cheerful; as he says, "a little ball of love." My favorite activity is playing fetch with sparkle balls. If I can't find a sparkle ball to play with, because I knocked them all under the couch, I simply need to whine a little and my mommy gets on her hands and knees to crawl around and find one for me. It's really something! I am treated like a princess.

    I am also very brave and like to watch my daddy work in his shop. Pounding and strange noises don't frighten me.

    One of my favorite foods is lettuce, I crave greens. My parents buy us wheat grass to nibble on. My brother, Bear cannot eat my high protein kitten food, because he has a kidney problem. My daddy puts my food in a big Rubbermaid container with a hole cut in it that is too small for my brother but big enough for me. It's a terrific invention.

    My brother Boo, a big black male cat, taught me how to chirp and make crackling noises at the birds in the back yard. I also enjoy watching bunnies hop around by the light of the moon.

    My parents are absolutely crazy for me, and I sure do like it that way! I am happy that they enjoy my cheerfulness. Life is sure good.

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