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September 23, 2008

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Squeak, the Cat of the Day
Name: Squeak
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic longhair
Home: Buffalo, New York, USA
   I adopted Squeak (a.k.a. Beyaz) from the Erie County (New York) SPCA after the death of my wonderful old friend Monty. At the time I met her, Squeak had been in a cage for over four months; she was brought to the SPCA with open wounds all over her body, caused by an allergy to a flea collar and shampoo that someone had used repeatedly on her. I am in awe of the folks at the SPCA, who made sure she was utterly healthy before putting her up for adoption.

    I fell for Squeak immediately, because she looks like a Turkish Angora. Our other feline roommate is Minnosh, a street cat from Ankara, Turkey, where I lived for four years. Minnosh is deaf, and it takes her a long time to get used to other cats. But Squeak's gentle good humor put Minnosh at ease within two months, and now I often wake up with both cats in bed with me!

    Squeak earned her name because of the sweet noises she makes in the place of a meow. I also call her Beyaz, which is the Turkish word for "white." However, recent research has led me to believe Squeak may have a fair amount of Maine Coon in her - like those wonderful cats, she trills! She is also terrifically social, even-tempered, playful, and she seems to keep growing! She also will climb all the way up my high bookshelves to get to the catnip hidden up there. She is such a wonderful friend, for both me and Minnosh. I look forward to many happy years with both of them!

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