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December 9, 2009

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Wikki, the Cat of the Day
Name: Wikki
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian mix
Home: Örebro, Sweden
   Let me introduce myself: My name is Wikipedia (Yes exactly like you know what - but I'm smarter! I know EveryThing!). People call me Wikki. I'm a black'n'white ex-shelter cat, now living in my seventh - but to stay for ever and ever - home, in city Örebro in mid Sweden. I live with two fairly well behaved humans, Miriam and Silver, and my feline friend Cosmonova. I rule the house! I train them every day to walk properly on leash outdoors and I also make sure they get food ready on regular basis. That is when I'm hungry of course.

    I had a rough life before getting this comfortable, loving home. I was a stray cat seventeen months old and already had had a litter of kittens, outdoors. The cat shelter in Örebro took me in, and gave me a temporary place to stay. It happened to be next door to the place where I live today. I was sitting in a sun spot on the neighbor's balcony when my mum caught a glimpse of me from her balcony (and fell in love) - which is my own favorite place today! And I celebrate that I've been living here for two years now!

    Mom is a volunteer worker at the cat shelter nowadays, cleaning litter boxes, feeding hungry cats and doing whatever it takes to make them feel happy. Her favorite time is late at night when everyone else has left the apartment: She sits down silently on the floor and waits, not moving. Slowly cats appear that are never seen in daylight ... The scared and the shy ones. They stretch, clean themselves, and start to play, forgetting her presence. There are magic moments when they sometimes - step by step - sneak into her lap and start purring! And once they've been in her arms, they trust her.

    The shelter keeps 30 cats, has about 350 cats in foster homes, and they place more than 300 cats every year. It's a no-kill organization and every cat gets a chance to find a new home, even if they're old, sick or extremely shy. Here is their webpage.

    I try to help as much as I can, and in October 2007, I laid paws on mums computer and started my own blog, Wikipedia MasterCat of Metro. It contributes all kinds of cat-related information, and helping cats in need. The address is - and, oh I'm sorry - it's all in Swedish! But you are all welcome to try and read it anyway!

    My crossway heritage from a stray father and a house cat mother - there must have been some persian line in the past - gave me a very fluffy tail and long hair, and a funny short chess pattern-nose! As long as I am the Queen at home, I don't mind having no family tree! Actually, I'm real proud of being an ex shelter cat!

    As an ambassador for cats without homes, I raise my paw and meow to help feline friends. Thank you for letting me have a Day to tell the world how important it is that we keep on fighting for the Cat Rights! And they are: Every cat has a Right to have a home of it's own, with a safe environment, with nourishing food, clean water and cosy beds to snuggle into... - no cat should ever be stray or starving. Every cat has a Right to be valued preciously and in each step of life, from youth to old age, to be taken the best care of. No cat should ever be called worthless and thrown away! Every cat has an indisputable Right as a being to live a comfortable, healthy, meaningful and longlasting life, cared for by loving and sharing humans. No cat should ever be alone or put to death because it's homeless!

    And don't forget to tell everyone: Spay and neuter your cats, give them ID-markings - it's one of the best Christmas gifts for a cat! To all of you: Bring on the Christmas Spirit and Support Your Local Cat Shelter!

    We will spend Christmas at the Shelter but New Year's Eve in the countryside, where all of us cats are allowed to run free outdoors and catch as many mice as we like! And yes, we will carefully keep our tails far away from candles and fireplaces!

    A Merry Merry Christmas to all of you from me, Wikipedia the Bloggkatten, my cat sister Cosmonova and my humans Miriam and Silver!

   Sincerely yours, Wikki

Wikki, the Cat of the Day
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Wikki, the Cat of the Day
Wikki, the Cat of the Day
Wikki, the Cat of the Day

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