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July 10, 2009

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Scooter, the Cat of the Day
Name: Scooter
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Aurora, Illinois, USA
   Meet Scooter — our sixteen-pound tabby. Scooter came to us a few weeks after she was born; my dad's coworker's cat had a litter in Spring 2003 when my fiancé and I were living apart. For a week, Scooter lived under the attentive care of her adoptive mother, Missy, my parents' collie-lab mix (but, since Scoots didn't grow up with dogs after that, their "reunions" saw a lot hissing and whopping. Poor Missy!).

    Scooter has many nicknames. We've called her a rat, a "whopper" (she likes to whop/slap things like she's spiking a volleyball), and a "mass" (when she lays on her back, she looks like a massive blob). Other nicknames include: hog (she eats like one), brat, smacker, flopper, hopper, chicken legs, loaf, mackerel (she's got the "M" on her forehead), raccoon (used when her tail puffs) and fang. I guess that says more about us than it does about the cat (we need to get out more)!

    During the week, Scooter likes to wake us up by being a brat, making noise and/or chewing on our plants and furniture. If that doesn't work, she'll paw at our faces. When we come home from work, she'll approach us and "flop" on her side — which sort of looks like a failed somersault — and purr for attention.

    Scooter also has some interesting habits; for example, she cackles whenever anyone sneezes loudly (she also does this when birds perch on our porch) and sometimes makes a "what's that smell" face, which looks pretty funny. She probably thinks she's smaller than she really is, because when we play with her, she tries to hide behind objects and pretend that we can't see the giant lump behind our drapes or under our bed sheets (one of her favorite places to play).

    We don't give Scooter people food often, but her favorite snacks include peanut butter, pizza, and even Doritos. Occasionally, Scooter also enjoys a dish of wet food, a sip of cream, or a sprig of fresh catnip from our yard, which usually initiates "freak out" time.

    Though she yowls to go outside year-round, Scooter's not a true outdoor cat, and only goes on "walks" in the summer, most often stopping on our front step to nip at the grass.

    If she misbehaves, I'll threaten Scooter with a Nerf gun, but most of the time she's a good cat, content to sun herself, play with her "milk ring" toys and snuggle up to us. We wish she'd be friendlier to houseguests, though. (Most of the time she runs and hides, and when she does hang out in the same room, she'll hiss at friends if they so much as look in her direction.) Her arch-nemesis is probably my brother, whom she somewhat inexplicably hates. Oh well.

    That's pretty much Scooter! Ah, to live the life of a cat!

Scooter, the Cat of the Day
Scooter, the Cat of the Day

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