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March 15, 2009

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Tychee, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tychee
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo Cat
Home: Muscat, Oman
   Hiii, I am Tychee (you know NIKY right? Just replace the N with T and you have my name PURRRRRRFECT). My full name is Nimius Tyche which means "abundant luck" in Latin and Greek and yeah, man! I am really a lucky charm.

    I am a tuxedo gentlecat who lives with my mama (hey don't snicker, I am a mama's boy, so what???). I have a cute little beard and mama says that sometimes I remind her of the grinning Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Look at my picture, I think she is right. What I love most is watching my mama being the most obedient girl and responding to my every whim and fancy. I have taught her well. I have heard that my feline friends across the world are good at turning their mamas and dadas into slaves and I am definitely not one to be left out. In fact I am sure I will win the best trainer award hands down... anybody interested in challenging me?

    Of course, there are some compromises to make while living with your slave; I am definitely the king of my world, but as a king one has to be careful about security (like all famous people); so when I have the urge to venture out, I demand my slave to take me out, but make sure that I am connected to her with what she calls a "leash." Sheesh! sacrifices one has to make for being such an important feline.

    Unfortunately, though I rule my kingdom I do have some responsibilities. I have to wake my slave early in the morning and send her off to work. I don't know why I take such nonsense from my slave because apart from feeding me, cleaning my poop, brushing me, and making enough money to keep me entertained with the latest toys in the market, what else does she have to do?

    I love to surf on the net with my mama and have been reading Cat of the Day daily. Through all those stories I have learnt that most of my contemporaries are fond of Tuna. Well my mama "dumb female" assumed that I was like any common cat and went and bought tins and tins of tuna. Was she in for a surprise ;P He! He! He! One sniff and I walked off with my nose up in the air. No sireeee! Those common man's oops sorry common cat's diet is not for me. I am a king after all. I eat only princely food and that means only food that contains shrimps, salmon and other similar culinary delights. I have also read that some cats ask for their slaves' food. disgusting! Me thinks that my slave's food is not fit for a King like me. Ok now I am getting bored so I will allow my slave to do the talking...

    Hi, this is Tyche's mama here. I believe that this boy is a gift from heaven above sent by my dad who moved there recently. When my dad passed on, I felt the urge to get a cat (my dad was a cat lover too and we grew up in a house full of cats). As soon as I decided I sent a message to the universe asking for a cat about a year old with a very sweet, loving personality and got just that. At the clinic where he chose me, I was told that due to a patchy eye (infection he got in kittenhood, but no problems in seeing the world) he was not being adopted. Well others' loss, my gain because he is a very friendly fellow who loves to meet and greet people. He is definitely a lap cat and loves to curl up and hit the snooze button - sometimes on my lap or my head, whichever is readily available. I am sure I am going to have wonderful years with him and am positive that he will continue to work wonders as my lucky charm.

    Suggestions to all my fellow animal lovers! Please do consider adopting a cat instead of a kitten as I definitely vouch of the benefits of having an older cat.

Tychee, the Cat of the Day

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