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May 5, 2009

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Pinot, the Cat of the Day
Name: Pinot
Age: Eighteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair Tabby
Home: Ellicott City, Maryland, USA
   This is a picture of our sweet little girl, Pinot Noir. We adopted her on March 29 of last year from the SPCA in Baltimore. She was about ten months old at the time, so she's now about eighteen months old. Pinot is a DSH with grey tabby markings. What you can't see unless it's in person is that she has dilute calico underneath. She has stolen our hearts - she's beautiful, too! Her home of choice is in Ellicott City, Maryland (you know, they choose!).

    Here is our story: we decided, six years after losing our wonderful eighteen year old Jamara, it was time for another kitty. We went to three shelters in one day; the last was where Pinot chose us. She put her paw outside the cage onto my shoulder and that was it! We knew she had been treated for a respiratory infection, thought it was taken care of, but were mistaken. She was tiny - just five pounds. Within one week, she had been to the vet, given antibiotics, eye drops & fluid by injection. Eight days after the adoption, she was in the emergency hospital (at 7:30am) as she wasn't better and hadn't eaten in over two days; we were told she needed to be admitted, were given a laundry list of what she needed, and a whopping cost estimate. We didn't hesitate more than a second; we had made this commitment, we loved her and she needed us.

    Bottom line: she was there for eleven hours, came home with medicines (after they fell in love with her) and turned around completely. We are convinced they saved her life. We have the instruction not to have another kitty as she's probably a carrier of whatever virus that was, but that's OK, she's our queen!

    She is now healthy, approximately eleven pounds, is one heck of a jumper, loves back scratches, greets us at the door when we come in, and is a great giver of "nose kisses." She had a wonderful first real Christmas with a big stocking and is looking forward to a bright and happy life ahead! We wish the same to all of you!

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