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October 1, 2009

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Zonker, the Cat of the Day
Name: Zonker
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: La Vista, Nebraska, USA
   Screaming Yellow Zonker was feral born near a farm in western Iowa. At about four weeks of age he lost his mother and started crying. My boss, an elementary school principal, could hear him in the woods and for two days searched without success. On the third day he managed to make his way to her doorstep where she took him in and feed him. The next day she brought him to summer school where he was a hit with all the students. My wife and I adopted him and named him Screaming Yellow Zonker because of all the noise he was making. After a couple of days, Gizmo, our six-year-old male decided to "mother" the little guy and they are fast becoming best buddies. Fuzzy Yellow Dog is Zonker's security blanket. He hauls FYD all over the house and brings him to bed and uses him as a blanket. Zonker traveled over 4,000 miles this summer, camping in Minnesota, South Dakota and visiting family in Colorado. He didn't want Fuzzy Yellow Dog to get lonely or afraid and insisted that he come along. FYD is always brave when Zonker is nearby. Zonker's favorite activities are chasing our pet pigeon, Skye Ratt and taking naps.

    Zonker and Skye Ratt play together all the time. Skye Ratt gets almonds as a treat and Zonker likes them too. As a result he will raid Skye Ratt's cage for them. Of course, Skye Ratt considers this home invasion and attempts to rid his cage of the pest. Zonker is not as vocal as he once was and at four months has started to establish his place in the household, as number one! Zonker is our fourth cat and though it took a while, he finally wore down the two oldest (eight and nine years old). He and Gizmo have gotten along almost from the start.

Zonker, the Cat of the Day
Zonker, the Cat of the Day
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Zonker, the Cat of the Day
Zonker, the Cat of the Day
Zonker, the Cat of the Day
Zonker, the Cat of the Day

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