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August 10, 2010

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Boone, the Cat of the Day
Name: Boone
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Bobtail,
Maine Coon mix
Home: Emeryville, California, USA
   This is Boone. He is a three-month-old American Bobtail/Maine Coon mix and he is one special kitty! He was born with a one-inch tail, but he doesn't seem to even notice he's missing it! My boyfriend and I adopted him about a few weeks ago and he's had fun exploring and playfully terrorizing our apartment ever since. His favorite hobbies include attacking every little thing that moves, like paper balls, feathers, and toes, and sleeping on a pile of books that he pulled down from a bookcase.

    My boyfriend and I found Boone through Craigslist, where a woman had an unexpected set of kittens and an apartment that could not hold them all. She called him "Stumpy" because of his tail and playful attitude, but, although the name fit his nature, we decided to call him Boone after the character on Lost and because it happened to rhyme with "Coon," which we were told was his breed. The original owner told us that she had owned Boone's father, and that he was a very large cat with a lot of Maine Coon features, but she was confused as to where the short tail came from! My boyfriend and I did some research and figured that he must have some American Bobtail in him, as well. So if that's true, then he's a mix of American Bobtail and Maine Coon and he's lookin' to be a pretty hefty cat!

    When we brought him home, I found that he was quite the playful kitty! We had gotten him one of those feathers on the end of a stick toys and he and I played for an hour straight the first night. No separation anxiety here! And when I thought his tail would limit his agility, I was proven wrong as he climbed across couches and ledges all over the house. His tail (or lack thereof) does nothing but give him the cutest gait you've ever seen (he really works those little hips!)

    While Boone might be wildly playful, he sure has sophisticated taste. For one, he only drinks water out of human cups, something we found out after watching him reach his head down into the bottom of one of our water glasses to lap up the last few drops. So beside his food dish sits a water glass of his own, though he still likes to steal from our cups every once in a while. Boone has also taken an extreme liking to cream cheese! One day I set my bagel on my desk, went to fill my coffee cup and came back to Boone nomming away at my breakfast! Now he knows when I make breakfast every morning that there's cream cheese involved, and he'll meow until he gets at least a couple licks!

    Boone keeps busy by attacking anything that falls on the floor. He'll hear a pen cap drop and immediately stop what he's doing to investigate the object. A simple piece of crumbled-up paper can keep him occupied for half an hour! But along with all the playing, Boone sure likes to sleep. Some of his favorite places include beside me and on my keyboard while I'm working at my computer, and in a closet where he sleeps on a pile of books that he pulled down from a shelf. If I bring the iPad to bed, he'll sit on my chest and bat at the screen until I turn it off, I think as a way of telling me that we should really get to sleep!

    All and all, he's a great little member of this family and we're blessed to have him!

Boone, the Cat of the Day
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Boone, the Cat of the Day
Boone, the Cat of the Day

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