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January 24, 2010

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Lennox, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lennox
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Medium Hair
Home: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
   Lennox is just over a year old now, but I found him when he was only two weeks old. At the time, I was living with a friend, and her cat had been spending a lot of time staring and meowing at the floor in the back porch. Then one day when my friend and I were outside, we saw a cat come out from under the porch, and thought we should check and see if the cat had been living there, which would explain why her cat was always staring down at the floor.

    When we crawled under the porch, we heard a lot of tiny meows, and discovered that the cat we saw was the mother of a litter of kittens. There were four of them in total, and they were the tiniest kittens we'd ever seen. Their eyes were barely even open! We put some blankets under the porch and left some food out to make sure the mother got the nutrition she needed to raise her litter, and left them alone for the night. When we got up in the morning, we checked under the porch and found that the mother had returned and moved all but one of the kittens away after eating all the food. When we got home from work, the lone kitten was still there, so we waited until nightfall to see if his mother would come back for him. At that point it was getting chilly, and he was still there all alone, so we took him inside so that he could stay warm.

    We had purchased a tiny bottle and some kitten formula, and had to feed him every few hours (even through the night!). We put some blankets and stuffed animals in a box for him to sleep in, but all he did was cry when we put him in it - he was just desperate to be held and kept warm against a beating heart, so at night he would curl up on my chest and sleep with me. During the day, he came to work with me and slept in my pocket all day while I sat at my desk.

    Lennox is special because he had such a tough beginning in life and has grown up to be a wonderful, loving, and cuddly cat. He still curls up and sleeps on my chest when I am lying in bed, and I am reminded of those first sleepless nights after I brought my baby into our home. He was named Lennox after Lennox Lewis, how appropriate considering what a fighter he turned out to be!

    He is best friends with our German Shepherd (her name is Domino) and most of his favorite games involve playing with her. He is very good at hiding around corners and pouncing her when she least expects it. He also enjoys lying as flat as possible on the edge of the bed, chairs, couches, or anything else that's higher than her, waiting patiently for her to walk past so he can drop on her before she suspects a thing.

    He spends his days alternating between romping with the dog, sitting on his perch staring out the window, playing in his cardboard army tank, or sleeping on the nearest human. He also still plays like a kitten - attacking anything that moves (especially if it jingles or rattles).

    I think there is a part of him that's certain that he is a dog - he has been successfully trained to "sit" on command. He has plenty of attitude but is remarkably obedient as far as cats go (part of what makes me think he's trying to be a dog) - if he looks like he's plotting to jump up onto something he's not allowed to jump on, all it takes is a stern "Lennox, no" and he'll stop in his tracks, twitch his tail, let out one short "meow" and turn and walk the other direction. He is very well behaved at bath time - I have to bathe him every few weeks because I am a bit allergic. He is also an angel at the vet - the last time I took him for shots, I was asked if he's really a cat.

    Speaking of his army tank, here is a link to a video of him playing in it:

Lennox, the Cat of the Day
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Lennox, the Cat of the Day
Lennox, the Cat of the Day
Lennox, the Cat of the Day

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