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November 15, 2010

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Newton, the Cat of the Day
Name: Newton
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shorthair
Home: Arlington Heights, Illinios, USA
   I am an Army Chief Warrant Officer assigned to a unit near Chicago and my cat is very special to me. I have a blog called "MySelfIndulgentBlog."

    Roggie told me that he is too burned out from handling Army casualty assistance and funeral missions to write, so he asked me to do it.

    Even though I have an extremely busy and unforgiving personal schedule I agreed to put a few words down and help Roggie out a little bit. So, here goes...

    A little about me... I was born sometime in the fall of 1999 (Roggie says that my "official birthday" is October 9, 1999 even though no one knows for sure) and somehow made my way to the Great Lakes Animal Control Office when I was just a tiny kitten. Roggie told me that he called up to the navy base on a very cold December 27, 1999 and asked them if they had any kittens. They told him that they had one and then Roggie told them to hold it for him because he was on the way up there to get it. I was wandering around a big room with twelve or thirteen adult cats when Roggie poked his head in the window and saw me in there with my fur all messed up and me meowing a lot. He said that he fell in love with me immediately. Roggie took me home and introduced me to my new roommate, a really pretty and nice, but shy, seven or eight year old black and white cat named Rigger (Roggie called her "Dear Rigger" all the time). Rigger was not exactly thrilled to meet me, however. But, we got along all right for the next six years.

    Roggie and I have moved around a bunch of times since 1999. I was born in Illinois and have lived in Ohio and Alabama and now I'm back in Illinois since Roggie is assigned there again. I can't tell you how much I dislike long car rides, or any car rides. Not fun!

    A typical day for me begins at around 3 A.M. when I put my cold nose on Roggie's cheek to wake him up and then he gets up and moves to the La-Z-Boy where I promptly jump onto his chest to be petted for awhile and then I lunge off suddenly whenever I feel like it and then come back to wake him up a few more times before he gets up for work at about 5:30. I watch him scoop my two litter boxes and then he goes into the kitchen and gives me a can of Fancy Feast Salmon with little green stuff in it every other day, and he gives me a little sprinkle of IAMS cat food which I know is supposed to be good for my tummy, but which I pretty much ignore. My two main foods that he gives me each day is a handful of Meow Mix and my favorite... Whiskas Cat Treats. I can't tell you how much I love those snacks. They are like candy for cats. Man, they're good. I could live on them! The package says that they are two calories per snack. Cute, huh? As I am eating breakfast Roggie is showering and doing some therapy for his shoulder and getting into his Army suit. I like to be sitting by his feet as he is tying his boots and mess around with the laces to make him feel guilty about leaving me at home all day by myself.

    After he is gone I start taking one of my 65 daily naps. I spend a lot of time in a laundry basket full of t-shirts or in a closet on top of a box of clothes or on my favorite chair, the blue one or my second favorite chair, the reddish black one near the sliding glass window to the porch. In between naps I like to look out onto the porch and watch the squirrels and a little black mouse and birds as they stop by to eat birdseed. Would be fun to be able to be able to leap out there on the porch and scare those squirrels.

    When Roggie gets home I usually get up to greet him unless I'm extra comfy on the blue chair. If this happens I might just open my eyes a little peek and kind of let go a half yawn/half meow and then go back to dreamland. He pets and brushes me and gives me some more Whiskas and tells me how pretty I am and how much he missed me while he was at Army all day. He'll usually go do some PT (Physical Training) shortly after he comes home and then he will come back to me after that and, if he sits on the love seat, I will make myself at home on his left elbow and take a nap and he won't be able to get up until I'm done. He's such a thoughtful servant/master that he would not dream of interrupting one of my cozy naps. A lot of the time when he or his sister, my "Aunt Pam" is on the internet I'll jump up there on the table and meow and head butt the monitor and walk on the keyboard to remind him or her that someone needs attention. Roggie will brush me and pet me some more before bed and then I usually hop in there with him and make myself comfortable on his elbow while he tries to go to sleep.

   So, I guess that does it. Think I'll go get myself some Whiskas Treats.

Newton, the Cat of the Day
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Newton, the Cat of the Day
Newton, the Cat of the Day

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