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October 17, 2011

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Max, the Cat of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Max is owned by my brother and is an ex-foster cat of mine. Max and his five siblings were born outside under my shed back around 2003. My brother adopted Max after much coaxing from myself and his then girlfriend. My brother and I have an agreement that if anything would happen to him, I would gladly care for Max.

    Max is quite the handsome kitty as you can see from his photos. He has a kink in his tail that the vet describes as an abnormality to the vertebrae and which causes no pain or discomfort. Max is a very verbal cat and also a very friendly cat. He often goes to the door and greets guests that come to visit my brother's home. Max has perfected the skill of opening cupboard doors and also bi-fold doors. Every morning Max assists my brother in getting his breakfast by opening the cupboard where the cat food is stored.

    Max loves to go in the car with my brother for a weekend get-away to our parent's home. He has turned our once cat-hater parents into pure cat lovers. Max knows how to get our 89-year old mom to give him extra food in his bowl when my brother isn't looking. Our mom even allows Max to put his paws up onto the counter with barely a negative look.

    One of the funniest morning rituals I have ever heard is my brother swatting Max with his socks every morning before he puts them on. My brother would pat Max on the head with his socks while he was getting dressed. Soon, Max was coming to sit by my brother when he got his socks out in the morning to be patted on the head. I guess cats really do love routines.

    Max loves to go outside and roll on the sidewalk and eat grass. My brother keeps a close eye on Max to make sure he doesn't wander off. One day when my brother returned from grocery shopping Max went onto the deck to sniff and roll. It was just getting dusk outside and my brother picked up Max to take him inside. He thought to himself that Max seemed to have lost weight. Upon bringing the cat inside he realized it wasn't Max and Max was looking in from the other side of the glass door curiously at him.

    I could go on and on about funny stories regarding Max. Maybe I should write a book. Max brings joy and humor to my brother, parents, myself and just about anyone he meets. He is Cat of the Day to us every day.

Max, the Cat of the Day
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Max, the Cat of the Day
Max, the Cat of the Day
Max, the Cat of the Day

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