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June 1, 2012

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Nomi, the Cat of the Day
Name: Nomi
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Hampshire, England
   Meet Nomi (pronounced NOM..E) so named because her most favorite activity in all the world is eating. Nomi also gets called Noms, Nomy nomkins, Nomi Noms and so on. The list is endless. This beautiful girl had been abandoned twice already when I saw her in the RSPCA shelter and so was desperate for a new home. Being black, she kept being overlooked but as soon as she saw me she obviously thought, this one will be a soft touch, I'll have her and purred all the way home in her basket !

    She is delightful, funny, naughty and a bit of a head case but I love her to bits. She likes to be wherever I am and loves it when I am in all day, especially if I am doing gardening. She catches mouses now and then and recently brought one indoors only to lose it. It took three days before this very tough little mouse eventually managed to escape but not before it had left lots of calling cards behind the fridge. A mammoth cleaning job ensued and she is under strict instructions not to bring in any more ! As I said, eating is Nomi's hobby and great passion in life. She was overweight when I got her and not a lot has changed since. She is not interested in my food at all, only her own..and then really only her biscuits which have to be rationed out over the course of the day. She would scoff the lot otherwise. She gets very crotchety when hungry and has been known to ambush me and so we try to avoid that scenario ! She treats her membership of the cat slimming club at the vets with total and utter disdain.

    She has an old rag that long ago had catnip in it and she loves to roll around getting the deliciously dirty scent all over her face. Her favorite toy is a bit of silver foil ribbon from a christmas present which is best appreciated if hidden in tissue paper. So visitors often have to negotiate a paper strewn floor, silver foil ribbon, the dirty rag and an oversized catnip mouse.

    The arm of the armchair is a great strategic place to sit and stare intently into my eyes with her sea green eyes. I swear she can read my mind. This is usually a coded signal for 'when are you going to feed me'. After much experimentation we seem to have settled into a slightly mad but workable routine. Lunch is at 1pm and dinner at 9pm. However, a routine 4am wake up call is the signal to come downstairs, watch her eat some biscuits and then let her out. I can then go back to bed for a bit more shut eye until about 7am when she decides it really is time I got up. Just to underline this point, she has perfected the art of jumping from the bedside cabinet onto my shoulder. Life is never dull with this beautiful girl and although at times I feel as if I am living with a truculent teenager, I wouldn't swap her for the world. She is just adorable.

Nomi, the Cat of the Day
Nomi, the Cat of the Day

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