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May 30, 2012

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Mauro, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mauro
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: European, Oriental shorthair
Home: Groningen, the Netherlands
   This is Mauro, the sweetest, most affectionate and noisiest cat in the world. I'm told he is a European and Oriental shorthair mix. I rescued him from the animal shelter nine years ago and he has never stopped showing his eternal gratitude. He loves a good conversation; no matter what the subject, he always has something sensible to say about it. He will start to pur enthusiastically soon as I begin to talk, even when I am not really talking to him, but on the telephone - as long as I throw a glance his way every now and then, he thinks I am talking to him and he is happy. In fact Mauro is nearly always happy.

    He has several health problems, among them diabetes, which means I have to give him an insulin injection twice a day, but even those injections he undergoes cheerfully: I talk to him a bit, pet him a bit, give him a quick jab, keep talking and petting and he never even stops purring. I hope he lives to be at least twenty, even though having a diabetic cat means that I always have to be at home at fixed hours to give him his shot. Mauro is simply the best and well worth it.

Mauro, the Cat of the Day
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Mauro, the Cat of the Day
Mauro, the Cat of the Day
Mauro, the Cat of the Day
Mauro, the Cat of the Day

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