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Peanut, the Cat of the Day
Name: Peanut
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tiger, Maine Coon
Home: Schenectady, New York, USA
   This is my Peanut. We got her from a shelter when she was about eight or ten months old. (Our last cat, Bug, was put down about a month before due to intestinal cancer. She was eight years old, but we had only gotten her from the shelter about six months earlier. That was a devastating loss.) Peanut had been a former stray. They had rescued her off the streets with a litter of kitties. Apparently she didn't have much of a mothering instinct though, so they took her little ones and raised them so they'd get good homes of their own. We celebrated her second birthday on January 13th, 2013. It's the best estimate we could get of her birthday based on the information we got on her when we adopted her.

    Her favorite activity is looking out the window and chomping on me and my girlfriend. Most of it is just play-biting, but she has a tendency to get a little too excited. She also loves climbing into the back of our sofa. We call her TNT cat, as she frequently runs around like she has rockets strapped to her butt. The TNT in this case would stand for Totally Neurotic Tendencies.

    She is special because she is just the sweetest little girl, and she knows when you're admiring her. She'll frequently stretch and roll over onto her back in her sleep, but if you look closely you can see her peeking to see if you're looking at her and falling for her cuteness. She also sleep-crawls. She slithers out of her bed on her belly while she's asleep, so only her butt and hind legs are draped in the bed - and when she wakes up she looks around like "how the heck did that happen?"

    She loves running water (she'll lean so far into the tub that she nearly falls in), catnip treats, and curling up on my pillow. She hates bright lights, the vacuum, and other cats. She is a big fan of stretching so hard upon waking up that her back legs nearly vibrate. It's adorable!

    She's the sweetest little furball ever. All of her quirks just make her that much more endearing! We love her to bits! Thank you for listening while I talked about my awesome kitty!

Peanut, the Cat of the Day
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Peanut, the Cat of the Day
Peanut, the Cat of the Day
Peanut, the Cat of the Day

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