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Cat of the Day
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Rhett, the Cat of the Day
Name: Rhett
Age: Seven and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: County Down, Northern Ireland
   We got Rhett from the Assisi sanctuary in Bangor County Down in 2006. He is a very loving cat and came into our lives when we were having some problems so he is very special to us. He is a Moggi but a lovely one. When I am in the garden he is usually with me most of time. He is a real character and has a love/hate relationship with our other cat Dove who came to us as a stray.

    We live in the country in County Down. Rhett is very affectionate. Loves to be stroked and have tummy rubs. When we first saw him in Assisi, he came straight over to us and started rubbing his head against us. Rhett was with us about a year before Dove arrived.

    At the time we were having problems in work and he was a life saver. When I am out in the garden he is with me constantly, I do not not know whether he's supervising, or just hanging about. He will be about eight years old this September and still loves to race round the garden and climb trees.

Rhett, the Cat of the Day
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Rhett, the Cat of the Day
Rhett, the Cat of the Day

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