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Cat of the Day
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Sammie, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sammie
Age: Seven years, five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Hertfordshire, UK
   This is Sammie and she is my baby. She adopted us after her owner died when she was eighteen months old. We ran a B&B in St Ives, Cornwall and she saw the vacancies sign on the door and thought she'd book in. She was very popular with the guests and often appeared in their holiday photos. I also worked in a craft market locally and Sammie often walked to work with me and sat in the shop window enticing the customers in.

    We now live in Hertfordshire and she loves her new home. There are lots of birds to chat to from the window ledges and pretty flowers to sniff in the garden.

    She has many favorite places around the house to sleep but especially likes her furry igloo when my lap isn't available! She is an excellent hunter and particularly likes it when there is a full moon. She can be a very curious cat which sometimes gets her in to trouble. You always know when she's been up to mischief as she has an awful lot to say for herself when she finally reappears!

    She cannot wait for us to come home from work each day and gets very cross if we go on holiday, refusing to speak to us for at least ten minutes on our return! She does like it though when nanny comes to look after her as she brings her knitting and it's great fun to pounce on the wool as it comes out of the bag!!

   Sammie is a very special cat. We are so lucky she chose us and we love her very much.

Sammie, the Cat of the Day
Sammie, the Cat of the Day

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