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Iza, the Cat of the Day
Name: Iza
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Housecat, Norwegian forest cat
Home: Norway
   I was searching around for a new cat for a while. But I wanted it to look exactly like my childhood cat, and this was somewhat hard to find without it being an expensive breed of Maine Coon, or Norwegian forest cat. I absolutely love brown coated long haired cats. I already have an orange house cat. I was constantly looking up at this norwegian site with ads of cats being given away and sold. Until I one day stumbled upon the most gorgeous kitten of all time. I knew I had to get that kitten, she was perfect. A kitten copy of my good old cat. It took some argument to get my way when it came to actually getting another cat, but after all, this was up to me, since im living by myself. I called, and the cat was mine! I went to pick her up on my birthday! It was the best birthday gift I have ever gotten. (from myself). When we got there, she was a little wild, I wouldn't know how she was, but I thought if she was a little shy or so, she is still a kitten, so this can change with the right environment and lots of cuddles. I couldn't stop staring at her whilst driving all the way back to my apartment. She fell asleep fast, probably after stress from having to leave, and go to new strange people. Its always exciting to see a new family member adjust herself to a new home. She would walk carefully around my apartment, and it went really fast until she felt home. Such a lovely kitty! She loved cuddles, although she was still very shy, and didn't like being petted on her head very much. This could be from where she came from, but all i thought was that it would get better with time.

    Iza was sick the first weeks she was there, due to stress, and I think also bad food from where she came from. (she was very thin). I decided to send Iza home, where she would have full access to outside areas, forests and our old very kind cat. Calm her down and be in her natural habitat, in the forest. She loved it! I did miss her the time I was studying in the city, but I loved seeing how happy she was outside, and had befriended our old cat. I decided to try and take her back to my apartment again after some time. And Iza really wanted to play and cuddle with my other cat Iris, but Iris didn't fancy it. After some time though, they were playing and sleeping next to each other. I was so happy that they got along! Iza started to show more character, stealing socks and scratching the water bowl. She had her favorite places (everywhere), and she would make the weirdest sounds when watching the birds from my bird feeder. When the time was there to go home on a holiday, with both cats in each their travel bag, and we were home, things changed. Iris started absolutely hating her again. Iris needed to show that she was the queen and boss of this house, and since I was often traveling back and forth from the apartment and home, iris just decided that she didn't like her. Sadly they don't play together anymore, but they can be surrounded by each other.

    To this day, Iza is a heartcrusher. She is still very shy, and will run under the sofa if strangers come over. But wow how she likes cuddles. She is the best cat in the world when its calm around her and persons she knows. She purrs the loudest purrs, and as she is growing up (although she is a very tiny cat breed), her fur gets more and more brown, looking more and more like my old precious cat. Iza also loves to jump after flies, or actually anything that moves around her. She hates to get her paws dirty, and she loves to curl up into a tiny tiny tiny little ball and sleep. She has become my precious little baby, and I hope to see her still keep improving on her social skills. She loves other cats, but with people she can be scared.

   YouTube for videos of them. And Iris & Iza for pictures.

Iza, the Cat of the Day
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Iza, the Cat of the Day
Iza, the Cat of the Day
Iza, the Cat of the Day
Iza, the Cat of the Day
Iza, the Cat of the Day
Iza, the Cat of the Day
Iza, the Cat of the Day

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