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Cat of the Day
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Chapel, the Cat of the Day
Name: Chapel
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian
Home: Utah, USA
   This is my seven-year-old Abyssinian cat, Chapel. My cat is special because she's seen a lot in her seven years, and she has been around kids for five of the seven years. She's grown to love and play with them, and never gets upset with the kids. Chapel got her name from a church just a little ways from us.

    A fun story is that she was born in Oklahoma, and she was flown down to Utah with my stepmother. She went on a travel car bag on a commercial airliner at seven months old - quite an achievement! She likes to hang around the house outside too, occasionally catching a mouse once every few weeks - which is a great accomplishment for her.

    Chapel is highly photogenic. She's also a very quiet cat, andever makes a sound most of the time. She doesn't like to be held, but if you pet her enough she'll let you hold her. She can be affectionate at times, she'll sometimes push open my bedroom door, come in and and rub up against my leg. She's well mannered and never misbehaves! We love her!

Chapel, the Cat of the Day
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Chapel, the Cat of the Day
Chapel, the Cat of the Day

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