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Oggy, the Cat of the Day
Name: Oggy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: England, UK
   I present to you my wonderful cat Oggy, he has many weird nicknames that people have made for him, some of the more obvious are Ogs or Og but the weirder ones are Ognut, Ogmore or the Prince. He is unusual compared to the other two cats in my house (Bagheera and Lotty). He has more attitude and makes us all laugh, he has a wild personality with many aspects such as his bossy side, he won't usually walk to his food, he will yowl loudly until you carry him. He quite often comes on walks with my dog, and once the fields were muddy so I ended up carrying him on my shoulders for the entire walk.

    We got Oggy when he was about six months old from a crowded rescue center called NANAs, with his 'sister' Lotty, but she is a different breed, they just got sold together. His exact breed is unknown but the information we received when getting him was that he was a Siamese mix. His history before that was also interesting as once the people had bought him to the house decided to tell us that he'd already trashed three houses before coming to us, and had been taken back to the rescue center for reasons such as climbing and ripping curtains and getting food everywhere so from that instance we knew we were in for a lot. After getting him we went through many various names for him such as Psycho Cat, Foggy, Bob, Bubble and Billy Bob yes, all crazy names but my mum and I are crazy. We tried them all but none fitted as well as Oggy. So it stuck. Throughout the four years of being with me, my mum, my dad, Lotty, Bagheera and our dog Jekka he has done numerous things to amuse or anger us, such as bring many pieces of dead (or live) prey into our kitchen, and muddy up our bedsheets. He also eats the bread or waffles we leave on the side for breakfast.

    Oggy enjoys being loud, hunting and sleeping as I always find him sleeping in the most odd places such as in the sink, in the laundry and under the duvet. There is one other thing he enjoys and that is sitting in the shower. He sits outside the shower watching various members of my family wash (Very disturbing) but as soon as we come out he'll stride into the steamy cubical and sit there in the wet just giving us a weird type of grin while he warms himself up.

    I think Oggy is the most amazing cat in the universe with all of his crazy but lovable antics, and I hope you find him as amusing as we do.

Oggy, the Cat of the Day

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