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Cat of the Day
Today's Cat of the Day
Spencer, the Cat of the Day
Name: Spencer
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese, tabby mix
Home: Mesa, Arizona, USA
   Spencer is ten, a Siamese/tabby mix, and quite a character. We now live in Mesa, Arizona, but I got him in California when he was a couple of months old and still a little weak. He had been dumped on a rescue's doorstep in Pasadena, Ca., at two weeks old, sick and starving. He survived and grew to a twenty-pound hunk. Everyone loves his big blue eyes. He has suffered from "kitty asthma" all his life, but plays like a kitten at times.

    He loves to brush his teeth and has his own brush head for the electric toothbrush and his own battery operated brush. I can't use the electric toothbrush myself unless I then switch brushes and let him use it too. A series of his brushing photos are posted in my dentist's office hallway, making him a special advocate to children to brush their teeth. Yes, cats need to have their teeth brushed, it helps keep their gums and teeth healthy! And, he loves to wear makeup. As a kitten he was fascinated whenever I put on makeup and finally I circled his eyes, or decorated his forehead or put lipstick on each side of his mouth. He loves it. He always then acts really proud of himself. He may be a silly cat, but I love him just the same!

Spencer, the Cat of the Day
Spencer, the Cat of the Day

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