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Cat of the Day
Today's Cat of the Day
Yukitteru, the Cat of the Day
Name: Yukitteru
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair Cat
Home: Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil
   Yukitteru is always really lovely with me. He wants to play all the time, he only stops playing when he's really tired, so he sleeps some hours, then is ready to play again! I found my Kitty on the street, he was very thin, but now he's slim, and healthy. What really attracted my attention to him is that he's really similar to a cat in an anime called, "Chi's Sweet Home."

    I know he feels a bit lonely, so he stays by the door trying to see another cat on the street, when he's seeing a cat, he starts to meow to try talk with the other cat! It's really cute! He doesn't know tricks ... well, if he wants to play, he bring the toy to you, and you'll have to play with him, because it's impossible to say "no" to that cutie face! He's only affectionate in the morning, because my mother doesn't want Yukitteru sleep in the house, so he has to sleep in the garden, but in the evening he's more independent, and plays alone. He likes his alone time at night, but he has never run away from a person, he stays with everybody who visits or is around during the day! We love him!

Yukitteru, the Cat of the Day
Yukitteru, the Cat of the Day

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