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Cat of the Day
Today's Cat of the Day
Dash, the Cat of the Day
Name: Dash
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Lufkin, Texas, USA
   This our beloved Dashy-Dash. He was born to a neighbor's cat along with two other kittens. Sadly one of those kittens didn't make it but his brother Midnight did. When Dash's mother, Mama Kitty; and his brother Midnight first came to our house we were surprised. At first Dash and his brother would hiss and try to claw you when they heard you coming or when you tried to pet them. But after losing their mother, instead of going back to the neighbors they stayed with us. Dash is named this because when he was a baby he would dash into the house without a second thought, while Midnight was named for how he was able to blend into the darkness save for this random white spot on his chest. Over time, all Dash ever wanted was to be loved. If you were sitting down he would lay in your lap or when you lay down he will lay on your chest and purr this odd purr.

   This is him purring when he was younger.

    Come to find out now, Dash adores having his picture taken. I believe he understands me when I tell him he is famous on deviantART with my friends. So when he sees my camera he makes poses, and if he doesn't want to have pictures taken he doesn't act right and keeps moving about everywhere. Though, when my camera isn't pointed at him but to one of our many other cats, he comes running and flops down in front of me and meows. I love my Dashy-Dash. And hope the rest of you will too. He is such a sweetheart. I love Dash. He has made my life whole.

Dash, the Cat of the Day
Dash, the Cat of the Day

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