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Leonardo, the Cat of the Day
Name: Leonardo
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon cat
Home: Swanton, Maryland, USA
   Introducing Leonardo, Leo for short. Leo was a foster kitten that came to me when he was just four weeks old. He had been found thrown in a ditch without a sibling or a mother in sight. He was nursed back to health and was ready for adoption, but by then he became a part of the family. He soon grew into his full sixteen pound (7.3kg) size and fluff (hence his nickname, Leo a.k.a. Sir Fluffy). He is very vocal and loves opening doors. There is no door he doesn't like opening. His favorite things are watching the finches outside and dashing through the rooms full speed for no discernable reason.

    Leo does chirp and will occasionally meow though it is a small meow! He also enjoys playing with pizza tables (those little plastic things in pizza boxes) and is a hair tie thief. In that one picture, he is belly up with his favorite toy, a stress ball rock, next to him.

    It is never a dull moment when Leo is around. He is also trying for fluffy domination on the internet front having so far over 700 followers on his fan page! Leo is one of the most expressive cats that I personally know. I love him!

   All photos are Copyright ©Catlin Carrico.

Leonardo, the Cat of the Day
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Leonardo, the Cat of the Day
Leonardo, the Cat of the Day

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