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Rocket Man, the Cat of the Day
Name: Rocket Man
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese
Home: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
   Rocket Man was a stray. When he was found he had a frost-bitten ear. Siamese rescue took him in where he stayed at a foster home for a while until they had an open spot in the shelter. Rocket Man was taken to a pet store in October to be the feature cat during a donation event. Pictures of the event were posted online and that is where I saw him and just knew she had to meet him! After just losing a cat I wasn't sure if it was to soon but once I meet him he stole my heart. It's only been just over a week that iv had him and he has made my life complete again. He is such a little character, loves to play, cuddle and beg for food. He has definitely made himself at home here in his furever home.

    He moves lots so it's hard to take good pictures of him. These are the ones from the shelter, where at least his eyes are open - and you can see why I had to go meet him! Rocket Man loves playing with his mouse toy. He is very affectionate and follows me around the house. No matter what room I go into he's right behind me. He does give kisses and loves his belly rubbed!He is very vocal in the mornings or if you are busy doing something that doesn't involve giving him attention!

    Just the other day, we watched some YouTube videos of cats on my phone and he sat there looking at the screen and tapping it with his paw. It was so cute. His name was Rocket Man when we got him, and my fiancé just loved it, so we had to keep it. It really does suit him, actually, because he bolts around the house playing with his mouse toy sliding across the wooden floors. He's such an amazing cat, I would never have guessed he was a stray seeing how gentle and loving he is!

Rocket Man, the Cat of the Day
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Rocket Man, the Cat of the Day
Rocket Man, the Cat of the Day
Rocket Man, the Cat of the Day

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