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Cat of the Day
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Monchita, the Cat of the Day
Name: Monchita
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: Mérida, Yucatán, México
   One night before going to sleep, I heard the crying of a little cat. It was Monchita, she had fallen from the roof into my backyard when she was following her mother. She creid for three entire days, she barely was one or two months old. Inmediately my girlfriend and I decided to adopt her, she was beautiful. Although we could have returned her to the mother, we decide not to do it. The mother was small and thin, a poorly fed stray cat, and still had two or three kittens in the litter. We decided to give her a better and happier future! She lives so peacefully and happy with our other cat Minini Gatotsu III.

    Monchita's personality has changed a lot since she was just a kitten. When she was little, Monchita kept running from one corner of the house to the other, then suddenly she was climbing my trousers to fall asleep on my legs while I was playing League of Legends in the laptop. She was a very loving Kitty.

    Several months later we had to move to other house, it was bigger than the previous, with a larger backyard. With this change Monchita became distant and a little surly. I think it was because she spent less time with us and more time running free and hunting little things. Even so at the end of the day I let the cats in my room and spent time together with them. Monchita is very vocal, every time I touch her by surprise she lets out a mew, and says more if she is hungry. She also purrs a lot, and loudly!

    She loves to chase my shoelace, and is always very energetic. Now that she is bigger, she is becoming more of a climber. Every surface in the house must be scratched by her hahaha! I hope my Monchita lives with us for many years, and we all have many funny moments together!

Monchita, the Cat of the Day
Monchita, the Cat of the Day

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