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Raven, the Cat of the Day
Name: Raven
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Mediumhair
Home: Sacramento, California, USA
   We adopted Raven when she was four years old. She was shy and a bit nervous but we could tell she was a sweetheart. She has become a sweet, affectionate girl who enjoy cuddling. Raven loves to play chase with her human dad. As you can see in the photo, when the light is just right, she has the most gorgeous gold eyes.

    Raven shares the same human mom as Barney, who was Pet of the Day on August 9, 1998!

    We entered the cats' living room at the local SPCA and within a couple minutes there was a beautiful black cat trying to crawl into my purse. I had to laugh because the cat was much bigger than my purse, but determined to get into it. I picked kitty up and put her on my lap, where she quickly settled in for a nap. We had our new family member! Raven was four years old and had been at the shelter over four months when she chose us. I think she knew that we would give her the calm, quiet home she needed. We were inspired to name her Raven because of her soft, shiny black fur. We're also amazed at how gold her eyes appear when the light hits them just right.

    Raven is a bit shy, but she's very affectionate once she gets to know someone. Her favorite activities are batting balls around the house and "stalking" her dad during a game of chase. She has one behavior that none of my other cats has ever done - she goes around the house searching at the base of the cabinets for spider webs. For some reason, she enjoys eating them.

Raven, the Cat of the Day

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