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Kepler, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kepler
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Manx mix
Home: Poughquag, New York, USA
   This is our beloved Kepler, our little "Special K". He wandered into our yard in August, 2011, and since he looked so thin and hungry, we had to offer him some food. He came right up on the deck and sat down next to me. The poor little guy was as starved for affection as he was for food. We brought him inside that night, planning to keep him safe while we searched for his family. Once inside, we discovered he was front declawed. It was a miracle that this little guy could have survived on his own outside, being so small and defenseless. He did not have a microchip and all our efforts to locate his prior owner were unsuccessful. No one seemed to be missing a small, black, tailless cat. So, we adopted him into our family and promised him a furrever home.

    He was an interesting, quirky little guy. Initially, we had some concerns over how he would interact with our other two cats: Tycho and Copernicus. They were each more than twice his size and with claws. Thankfully, it worked out fine. They were very gentle with him, even when he batted at them with his little soft paws. They would even let him snuggle up close during a nap.

    We never knew the story of Kepler's missing tail. When you stroked his rumpy, you could feel just one tiny tailbone there. There was no visible scarring, so we thought he was born that way. Perhaps he was a Manx mixed breed. Although he didn't have the stocky build normally associated with that breed, he certainly did exhibit the personality traits. Whatever he was, we loved him.

    Kepler was a perfect lap cat. He especially loved his Daddy's lap. His little purr sounded like the hum of bumblebee and he made a unique and cute little bark-like sound whenever he would run to greet us when we returned home from work. Every night, before bedtime, he would run into the kitchen and sit in front of the fridge, looking expectantly at the door, as if waiting for a treat to pop out. It was clear that he had enjoyed "people food" in his prior home and it was impossible to resist his plea. Among other things, he enjoyed roast chicken, cream cheese, whipped cream, a bit of McVitie tea biscuit and even a bite of key lime pie! After his tiny bedtime treat, he would join us upstairs. Often he would sleep on one of our pillows.

    Sadly, his time with us was much too short. On Christmas Eve 2012, he crashed from kidney failure. Initially, the vet didn't think he would make it to New Year's. Thankfully, our little darling rallied and he was with us for another eight months. Though he needed daily sub-Q fluid treatments, he was a wonderful little patient and most of his remaining days were happy and good ones. In August 2012, though, he started failing badly and there was nothing else we could do. Although it broke our hearts, we knew it was time to let him go. He crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge so peacefully. He was on my lap, in the same chair where he had spent the first night in our home. We miss him dearly and not a day goes by that we don't think of him.

   We love you Kepler. You're our "Special K" forever and always.

Kepler, the Cat of the Day
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Kepler, the Cat of the Day
Kepler, the Cat of the Day
Kepler, the Cat of the Day

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